Graduate Student Award

The College of the Arts invites all faculty in the college to nominate graduate students for the following awards to be given at the Graduate Studies Awards Ceremony on April 6. Winners will be selected by Dean Crawford-Spinelli.

Award Criteria

For all awards

• Period of work to be considered: July 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020

• Nominated by faculty

• Continuing or graduating student at master’s or doctoral level

• Good academic standing

For the College of the Arts Innovation Award

• Awarded to a student who has creatively or imaginatively solved a design or aesthetic problem in an innovative way. The solution may be theoretical or practical. Examples could include but are not limited to: Use of innovative materials, application of known materials in a unique way, development of a new or innovative process, application of standard practice or process in a unique way.

For the College of the Arts Research and Creativity Award

• Awarded to a student whose research or creativity contributes significantly to the field of study through publication, exhibition, presentation or performance.

For the College of the Arts Engagement Award

• Awarded to a student whose research or project engages a community external to Kent State University through significant contributions to under-served communities.

Please address questions to Associate Dean Cynthia Stillings,