Undergraduate Student Resources

A Life in the Arts!

Welcome to resources for College of the Arts undergraduate students. Here you will find information on career planning, opportunities for student engagement and study away and tips about working with faculty and making connections with others like you and others different from you.  Please explore! 

Career Planning

What is my career path? How do I prepare for a career in the arts? What are some arts-related fields I might consider? Can I start my own business? What should I look for in a graduate school? Why are collaboration skills so important? What is Entrepreneurship?
Explore Career Planning

Financial Resources

How do a make a budget?  What are the costs of Study Away?  How might I go about planning for the future?

Manage Your Finances


What is my arts community at Kent State?  How can I get involved in activities in my major discipline?  What student organizations can I join? 
Make Connections

Working with Faculty

How do I connect with a faculty mentor?  What do faculty expect of me?  What should I expect from my instructors?  What is plagiarism?
Work with Faculty

Study Away

What are the opportunities for study away in my major?  How can I plan for a semester away financially?  How do I plan for study away and still graduate on time?
Plan to Study Away

Personal Skills for a Life in the Arts

What key survival skills do I need for a life in the arts?  Where do I go for help?  How do I develop good habits now that will serve me later?
Find Your Personal Skills

Opportunities for Engagement

Undergraduate research and creativity, volunteer and service activities, alternative spring breaks are just a few of the opportunities for engagement with your school and the community at large.
Engage in the Arts and Beyond