What Students Can Expect From Faculty

What can I reasonably expect from my professors? 

Most Schools and Departments encourage the following:

  • Regular and reasonable office hours consistent with departmental policy and the needs of students.
  • Provision of syllabus, including but not limited to the following:

​a statement on course outcomes, objectives and expectations;
a general calendar indicating the substance and sequence of the course and important dates and deadlines; and
a clear statement of grading policy and grade weighting
an invitation to students who require accommodations for a disability
​a statement regarding registration policies

  • That the content and assignments of the course as well as the specific teaching approach chosen are appropriate to the level, objective, and nature of the course being taught
  • An effective use of class time
  • Adequate preparation
  • Testing/grading practices that are directly related to the course content and assignments
  • Current knowledge of subject matter
  • An ability to communicate subject matter to students
  • Courtesy, civility, and respect in their interactions with students
  • The establishment of an open learning environment, wherein questions, comments, and interaction are encouraged
  • Nondiscriminatory treatment of students, regardless of race, color, gender, or creed; or religious, ethnic, sexual, or social background or preference
  • Punctuality in starting/ending classes
  • Reasonable notification of and provision for faculty absence
  • Faculty members have a responsibility to their students to entertain all questions relevant to the subject matter being taught and to discuss such questions, even if controversial, objectively.
  • Adequate notification of assignments, examinations, changes in syllabus.
  • Provision of reasonable make-up procedures for legitimately missed exams or other graded work.
  • Evaluation of work with adequate and constructive comments as is appropriate to the character of the test or assignment.
  • Evaluation of work within a reasonable time frame that allows the student to benefit from the instructors comments prior to the next assignment.
  • Abstention from dual relationships that compromise the integrity or blur the lines of the professional teacher-student relationship (i.e. being best friends, or romantic partners).

During the last few weeks of each semester, students are given "Student Surveys of Instruction" forms.  The evaluations are completely anonymous -- instructors only get computer printouts of the results AFTER grades have been turned in. Many professors do read these results, and try to incorporate student suggestions when they can.  School Directors read and evaluate the results as well!