CircleIn is a web and mobile studying app designed to help you get organized and study with your classmates remotely - while giving you the chance to earn rewards by helping your peers. You may see a CircleIn link in one or more of your fall classes using the Canvas learning management system as part of a pilot program here at Kent State.

CircleIn offers a variety of studying features: 

  • Create and review flashcards
  • Generate quizzes 
  • Share notes 
  • Chat with classmates 
  • Get on-demand help from peers 
  • And so much more!  

CircleIn is game-based, which means the more you use it to study and collaborate with your classmates, the more points you’re able to earn. These points matter because you can win rewards like Amazon and Best Buy gift cards, and even scholarships, just for studying and collaborating. 

Visit the CircleIn website or watch a quick introductory video