Are TRIO SSS Services Free?

Yes! Just come in to room 111 CUE to sign up.

Who are the tutors and mentors in the TRIO SSS program?

Tutors are undergraduate students who have received an "A" in the course that they tutor.

Does TRIO SSS offer individual tutoring?

KSU TRIO SSS offers both individual and group tutoring and mentoring based on each student's needs.

How often does tutoring happen?

Tutoring usually happens once or twice weekly, depending on the course, to support success in the each respective course.

When does tutoring happen?

Tutoring is offered Monday - Friday beginning as early as 8:50 a.m. and lasting 50 minutes, depending on availability.

Who are some successful TRIO alumni?

  • Oprah Winfrey, Upward Bound, talk show host, author and journalist
  • Franklin Chaang-Diaz, Student Support Services; first Hispanic astronaut
  • A. C. Green, Student Support Services; Oregon State University, NBA basketball player
  • Gwendolynne Moore, Student Support Services; US congresswoman
  • Angela Bassett, Upward Bound, St. Petersberg Junior College, actress
  • Anastasia Pittman, Student Support Services; Oklahoma State Representative
  • Beatrice Berry, Upward Bound, University of Delaware, author, award-winning lecturer
  • John Quinones, Upward Bound, St Mary's University, correspondent for ABC news, "Prime Time Live"
  • Viola Davis, Upward Bound, Student Support Services, Rhode Island College, actress
Where is the TRIO Student Support Services program?