Associate of Applied Business in Information Technology


The Information Technology major comprises the following concentrations:

  • The Application Development concentration provides students with the ability to program in languages typically utilized in contemporary business environments. Students will code in applications such as Visual Basic, C++, Java, C# and other industry-standard applications to develop programs employing event-driven and object-oriented techniques.
  • The Applied Computer Security and Forensics concentration places an emphasis on security of desktops and local area networks, which often includes forensic work to prevent and/or determine and correct security issues.
  • The Health Information Technology concentration provides students with the tools to install, manage, troubleshoot and secure hardware and software systems in healthcare environments. The course of study includes health IT privacy, security, organizational behavior, medical business operations and regulatory requirements.
  • The Integrated Information Technology concentration is ideal for students who want a flexible course of study for positions that require IT staff to perform a wide range of technical duties.
  • The Internet/Multimedia concentration focuses on scripting, server-side form handling, web database integration, and interactive and dynamic multimedia Internet development.
  • The Networking concentration focuses on configuring and maintaining local area networks in various network operating system environments. The emphasis is on entry-level network administration (i.e. managing active directory and network services), desktops, troubleshooting, installation and maintenance.

Career Opportunities

An Associate of Applied Business in Computer Technology prepares you for immediate entry into a computer-technology field in a variety of different capacities. Some examples of available jobs include:

  • Computer operations manager
  • Database manager
  • E-commerce network administrator
  • LAN manager
  • Manager of Internet/Intranet technology
  • Manager of voice and data communications
  • Network administrator
  • Technical Support Manager
  • Web architect/developer

Competencies Upon Completion

  • An ability to demonstrate core IT competency in client computing and user support
  • An ability to demonstrate core IT competency in database and information management
  • An ability to demonstrate core IT competency in digital media and immersive technology
  • An ability to demonstrate core IT competency in networking and convergence
  • An ability to demonstrate core IT competency in programming and application development
  • An ability to demonstrate core IT competency in servers, storage and virtualization
  • An ability to function effectively as a member of a diverse team to accomplish common goals
  • An ability to read and interpret technical information, as well as listen effectively to, communicate orally with, and write clearly for a wide range of audiences
  • An ability to engage in continuous learning as well as research and assess new ideas and information to provide the capabilities for lifelong learning
  • An ability to exhibit professional, legal, and ethical behavior
  • An ability to demonstrate business awareness and workplace effectiveness