Bachelor of Arts in Communications

Applied Communication prepares students for careers as communication specialists in small businesses, government offices and non-profit organizations.

Students can complete the Communication Studies major in its entirety at Kent State Ashtabula.


The Communication Studies undergraduate program offers some of the most adaptable, flexible and relevant degrees at Kent State University. And because a bachelor’s degree in communication is of great value to students, we are committed to being the top program in Ohio.

Businesses, organizations, healthcare industries and nonprofit agencies consistently rank effective communication skills as the most important job-hiring consideration, even more so than technical skills. Pursuing a Communication Studies degree allows you the ability to bring diverse insights to the role of communication in a variety of ways. Managers, communication experts, teachers, sales representatives, political communication consultants, communication strategists and leaders are a few examples of possible careers for degree-seeking students. Communication Studies degrees examine the role of communication in a wide range of settings, focusing on how to adapt messages to diverse situations and circumstances.

As a Communication Studies student you can enhance your educational experiences by participating in several events that take learning beyond the typical classroom through internships, study abroad opportunities, honor society membership and peer mentoring/training programs for COMM 15000, Introduction to Human Communication.



Applied Communication 
Applied Communication is a unique strategic communication concentration in which students take courses not only in Communication Studies but in Journalism and Mass Communication and in Visual Communication Design. Students in this concentration gain expertise in organizational communication, advanced public speaking, professional writing, and visual design. Courses in the concentration teach students not only how to do the work of a professional communication specialist but also the theories that explain why certain messages are most effective for different types of audiences. Students also have the opportunity to learn how newer communication media such as the Internet, social networking sites and text messaging are changing the workplace. Applied Communication graduates leave Kent State University prepared for professional communication careers in non-profit organizations, health care organizations, small businesses and governmental agencies.


  • Understand the uses, functions, and effects of communication in interpersonal, global, health, organizational and public settings.