Bachelor of Arts in English | Kent State University

Bachelor of Arts in English

The undergraduate major in English emphasizes the writing, reading, critical thinking, and communication skills that are essential to academic and career success. The major provides students with a sound background in the liberal arts as well as focused training in the interpretation of literature. All course work may be completed at Kent State Ashtabula.

The program of study includes core courses in American and British literature and a "methods" course in English Studies. The major is also flexible enough to allow students to pursue individual interests in literary study, technical and professional writing, creative writing, or language. The English major is a Bachelor of Arts degree. Bachelor of Arts study allows students to choose many electives that either expand their interests and skills or choose a minor program of study to formally obtain additional credentials.

Many students ask what they can "do" with a Bachelor of Arts in English after graduation. For one thing, the English degree is excellent preparation for further graduate work in English, comparative literature, education, and related fields, such as library science. It also offers a comprehensive background for professional study in business, law, and medicine. Corporate recruiting officers now recognize that a solid liberal arts degree qualifies our graduates for entry-level positions in many industries and services, such as advertising, banking, finance, and insurance. It can also lead to rapid advancement in the state and federal civil services. The English major may also be paired with a minor in another area of study should students have an interest in a skill set outside of the liberal arts curriculum.