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Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management

The Business Management major gives students credentials important to getting the first job as an entry-level manager or manager-trainee. Every organization of any size and type depends on and needs managers, including, as examples, the small corner store, department stores, accounting firms, retirement homes, a manufacturing firm such as Toys R Us, or a business to business type of organization such as Proctor & Gamble.

Students studying Business Management usually begin with courses in Computer Information Systems, Principles of Management, Accounting, Economics, Business Communications, and Psychology. After completing these foundation courses, students pursue more advanced studies in Human Resource Management, Leadership, Marketing, Quality Management and Finance. Students then have the choice of specializing in one of the areas of Marketing, Finance, or Management.

During a career in management, one's responsibility can grow from the job of entry-level manager, to department manager, and eventually to division manager or even to CEO (Chief Executive Officer). As in most fields of work, upon completion of the degree, the entry-level manager or trainee usually experiences an initial time period of on-the-job training. For example, a management-trainee might spend time in every department of an organization learning the business inside and out. Then after the training period, the manager-trainee will be assigned to a specific department and begin to have responsibility for the performance of an area or department of the organization.

How far one advances in managerial positions depends on training (such as the Business Management major), talent for working with people, and effort. Working with people is a primary focus of management; therefore, good communications skills (both oral and written) are essential to the success of the manager.