Clubs & Organizations

A university experience is so much more than just books and classroom learning.

Active student organizations and fun student events are just as important to a vibrant campus environment. Getting involved on campus is one of the quickest ways to become part of the university community and create your own Kent State Ashtabula experience.

Here are some reasons to get involved with student groups and activities at Kent State Ashtabula:

  • Complement your major by joining an academic student organization.
  • Connect with other students who share similar interests.
  • Expose yourself to new cultures, experiences, ideas, issues and lifestyles.
  • Build your résumé with demonstrated leadership and decision-making skills.
  • Appreciate the complete college experience that Kent State Ashtabula has to offer.


Student Organizations
Alpha Delta Nu (Nursing Honor Society) Lisa King
Tamra Courey
Lora Morris
Art and Culture Club Beth Devore
Association of Information Technology Professionals Carolyn Carvalho
College Democrats Dr. Jessica Leveto
Michelle Foster
College Republicans Jason Csehi
CRU Shelly Marshall
Kevin Acierno
e-Sports Mike Ball
Hospitality Management Society Mandy Ulicney
Justice Club Marna Drum
KSUA Allies (LGBTQ) Morgan Woodin
KSUA Cash Flow Club Daryl Upole
KSUA Rifle Club Daryl Upole
Physical Therapist Assistant Technology Club Tiffany Kiphart
Rebecca Rempe
Radiologic Technology Club    
Respiratory Therapy Club Amy Rodenhausen
Sociology Club Dr. Jessica Leveto
Student Ambassadors Morgan Woodin
Valerie Gonzalez
Student Nurses Association Rhonda Alexander-Dipofi
Stacy Rose
Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) Julie Mirabell
Undergraduate Student Government    
Volleyball Club Dr. Ann Abraham
Dr. Brad Keefer