Veterinary Technology

Do you love animals and want to be an integral member of a veterinary health care team? Our Veterinary Technology program at the Ashtabula campus will help you gain the skills to take the first steps toward an exciting new career in the field of Veterinary Technology.  


Kent State University at Ashtabula looks for highly motivated students interested in becoming Veterinary Technicians. The program also looks for individuals with animal experience, who will enjoy working with animals and who have an understanding of the field of veterinary technology and medicine.

To prepare Veterinary Technicians, our curriculum provides combined studies of college level general education courses and rigorous course work focusing on anatomy, physiology, nutrition, animal disease, veterinary nursing, pharmacology, and laboratory procedures. You will work with companion animals, food animals, horses, laboratory animals and exotic species throughout the program.

Veterinary Technicians are involved in many different aspects of veterinary medicine and perform many duties vital to excellent patient and client care in private practice, emergency clinics, specialty clinics, research facilities, government agencies, laboratories, zoos and much more. The term veterinary nurse has been used the help the public relate to what a veterinary technician does, but it would be more accurate to say that a veterinary technician is a nurse, dental hygienist, surgical assistant, scrub nurse, radiology technician, lab technician, microbiologist, client service specialist, communications expert, transcriptionist, pharmacology technician, manager, nutritionist, animal trainer, behavior counselor and sanitation specialist.

The Veterinary Technology program welcomes new students once yearly with 24 openings at the Ashtabula Campus.

  • Students interested in veterinary technology or becoming a Veterinary Technician should carefully review the Information Packet and Program Application. Applications and required forms are due in March each year. A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 is required for all applicants in order to apply to the program. Applications will not be considered for students not meeting the minimum GPA requirement.
  • A minimum of 15 hours of field experience is required for all applicants applying to the program. Field experience is defined as volunteering, observing, or shadowing at a veterinary practice, preferably one in which a registered veterinary technician is employed. An applicant can gain points for program admission if they have 40 or more field experience hours. A Field Experience Form must be submitted with the Program Application in order to receive consideration.

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In Ohio, licensure from the OVMLB is required to legally practice as a Registered Veterinary Technician. Applicants should contact the OVMLB at for information regarding licensure in the state of Ohio. Graduates must pass a criminal background check. Kent State University Ashtabula has applied for accreditation with the AVMA CVTEA, however accreditation is not guaranteed.


Interested students are encouraged to visit the campus so they can see the facilities, meet the program director and learn more about the campus and program curriculum. Call 440-964-4290 to schedule a Welcome Visit or go to to learn about other visit opportunities. 


Teresa Lambert, BS, RVT
Academic Program Coordinator for Veterinary Technology
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