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Autism Connections Kent

We are a student organization dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable social support network for students on the autism spectrum. We also aim to educate non-autistic people about autism, promote autism acceptance, and provide resources for pre-professionals on the spectrum.


Bi-monthly meeting will be held, one social and one formal each month of the semester. These meetings will be held on campus in the Kent Student Center, or off-campus locations for social events. Time of day will be 6-8pm on a day of the week that accommodates the majority of members.

Membership Requirements

Members must be full-time Undergraduate or Graduate students at Kent State ( U: 8 credit hours, G: 6 credit hours), have a minimum 2.25 GPA, and cannot be on academic probation or semester warning. The majority of members should identify on the autism spectrum. Individuals who do not identify on the spectrum are welcome if these individuals have an interest in promoting accommodations for individuals on campus, particularly in a social context, in order to improve retention in Kent State. Additionally, individuals that wish to use their membership as an information resource for pursuing a career serving autistic individuals are welcome. All members are expected to attend regular formal and informal meetings, and attendance of at least one of each kind (formal and informal) is required to retain an active membership status. Inactive members may re-join the next semester, but in the meantime will not have voting privileges and may be asked to refrain from using membership status for official organization business.

Social Media

Twitter: @autismconnectKS Facebook: /autismconnectKS



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