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Bar Arrangements

Purchase Preference

Charge Bar A Charge is a bar sponsored and paid for by the host on a per drink basis. Charges are determined by the quantity of liquor consumed and includes all mixes, ice and appropriate garnishes. All prices are subject to state tax. Minimums for bars apply. Consult with your Banquet sales representative

Corkage Bar A corkage bar is a bar sponsored and paid by the host on a bottle basis. All prices are subject to state tax

Cash Bar A cash bar allows each guest to purchase drinks on an individual basis. Minimums for bars apply; consult your banquet sales representative.

Wine Table A wine table features a selection of wines to be served by the bottle or glass. May be on a cash or charge basis.


Beverage Selection

Scotch Whiskey
House $37.00
Cutty Sark $42.00
Johnny Walker Red $42.00
J&B $45.00
Dewar's White $45.00
Chivas Regal $50.00




House $33.00
Jim Bean $37.00
Jack Daniels Black $40.00
Old Grand-Dad $39.00


Canadian Whiskey


House $32.00
Seagram's V.O. $36.00
Canadian Club $36.00
Crown Royal $44.00




House $32.00
Smirnoff $37.00
Absolut $40.00




House $33.00
Beefeater $38.00
Tanqueray $38.00




Bacardi Light $36.00





Peach Schnapps $29.00
Tequila $31.00
Southern Comfort $37.00




House $28.00
Premium Upon Request
Non-Alcoholic $6.00
Brandy and Cordials
Kahlua $43.00
Drambuie $48.00
Créme de Menthe $25.00
Créme de Cacao $26.00
Amaretto de Sarrano $45.00
Grand Marnier $55.00
Courvoisier $54.00
Galliano $54.00
B&B $56.00
Frangelica $48.00
Beer and Wine - By the Bottle
Domestic Beers $3.50
Premium Beers $3.75
Imported Beers $3.75
House Wine - Glass $4.00
House Wine $22.00
Other Wines By Request


Punches - By the Gallon
Champagne $40.00
Bloody Mary $40.00
Screw Driver $40.00
Whiskey Sour $40.00
Daiqiuri $40.00
Soft Fruit Punch $12.50
Soft Drinks - Glass $1.50