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General Policy

Menu Selection

To be certain of the availability of your selection, we request that all menus be confirmed three weeks in advance.  To ensure the finest quality of food and service, we ask you to limit your selection for any given meal to one entrée for the entire group.  However, should you desire two entrées, a card showing entrée choice is required at each place setting and the price per person will reflect the higher of the two entrées.


Vegetarian/Special Needs Meals

Every effort will be made to accommodate special dietary requirements.  It is the responsibility of the event host to find out if any special menus are needed for their guests.  We are able to accommodate most special meals with advance notice.  Last minute orders take time to prepare, therefore, the guest may have to wait for the meal.



Should you select one of our buffet menus, please understand that the amount of food prepared is considered generous.  However, we cannot have an unlimited supply of any one item that is more popular than another.  Food that is not utilized on the buffet lines cannot be removed from the premises.  A minimum of fifty people is required for all buffets, unless otherwise indicated.



All meals are served on white linen tablecloths with linen napkins which are available in a variety of colors.  Any tables for food service use that require skirting will be done at no charge.  Skirting for all other tables will be subject to additional charges.



Luncheon prices will be effective until 4 p.m., dinner prices will be charged after this time.



Guarantees for all events must be made three working days in advance.  The count is not subject to reduction after the guarantee is made.  If no guarantee is received, you will be charged based on the highest count given to date; you will be charged for the guarantee even if fewer guests attend.  We will be prepared to serve five percent above the guaranteed count (served meals and buffets only), up to a maximum of thirty people.



We ask that direct billing be coordinated through our Banquet Sales Department.  Deposits may be required and are subject to cancellation agreements.  Cancellations within ten days of your scheduled event may result in charges for costs incurred.


Tax Exempt

Organizations that are tax exempt must have their tax exemption form sent to the Banquet Sales Office prior to the event.


A 15 percent service charge, plus 7 percent sales tax on the total check, will be added to the bill.


A little food for thought when making arrangements for your event planning!

Final arrangements should be made as early as possible by calling the Banquet Sales Office at (330) 672-3305 to make an appointment with our sales staff.

To schedule a room in the Kent Student Center please contact the University Scheduling Office at (330) 672-3202.

Note:  If you are planning a conference, convention or seminar, please contact the University Conference Bureau at (330) 672-3161 to make all arrangements.


It will be helpful to have the following information ready:

  • Date(s) of the event.
  • Location of the event.
  • Beginning and ending times of the event.
  • Program for the event if there will be presentations, dedications or speakers.
  • Estimated number of guests who will be attending.
  • Type of service you want, i.e. coffee service, served meal, reception items, bar service, etc.
  • Special needs, such as a vegetarian entrée.
  • Specific room set needs, i.e. head table, gift table, etc.

If you wish to have tablecloths, specific color of napkins, candles, bud vases, table numbers, reserved signs, flowers or any other special arrangements, please indicate this when placing your food order.  Once your order has been placed with your Banquet Sales Consultant or Conference Coordinator, you will receive a confirmation copy in the mail.  Please check your confirmation to be sure that we agree on all details.

If any alterations need to be made on your order or if you have any questions, please contact your Banquet Sales Consultant at (330) 672-3305 or Conference Coordinatorat (330) 672-3161. We would like to thank you for affording us this opportunity to serve you.Our professional staff of event planners await your arrival.