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Off-Premises Catering

For Your Event:

Treat your guests to elegance in residential catering. We will deliver and serve at your home, office or favorite location. We offer the finest in personal service and cuisine. Please keep in mind any events held outside the Kent Student Center are subject to additional labor, equipment, setup and delivery charges. Table and chair rental is available through your Banquet Sales Consultant. Delivery charges are 10 percent of the total bill with a minimum charge of $20.

Consult our Banquet Sales staff for additional food and beverage options such as: Bars, Wine Service, Specialty Hors d Oeuvres, Deluxe Cheese Display, Sweet Table and Vegetarian or Special Diet Entrée. Also, Ice Carvings, Fresh Floral Centerpieces, Plants and Trees may be ordered for you at market price.

All arrangements are tailored to your personal preferences and tastes.