Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics | Kent State University

Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

The MS and PhD programs in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics are individualized programs of study.  They are customized for the student to prepare them for career opportunities in teaching and research in academic, governmental, and industrial settings.  Coursework in this area provides a rigorous foundation in theory, experimental design and technical knowledge of contemporary investigations at the cellular level of organization. 

Listed below is the common coursework and the disciplinary tracks that we offer (with suggested coursework):

Common Coursework:

  • 5/70143 Eukaryotic Cell Biology + 5/70144 Selected Readings in Eukaryotic Cell Biology
  • 6/70184 Responsible Conduct in Research and Teaching
  • 6/70491 Seminar in Physiology
  • A graduate level biostatistics class
  • A graduate level biochemistry class


  • Cancer Biology
    • 5/70150 Molecular Mechanisms of Disease: Cancer
    • 5/70174 Immunology
  • Molecular/Cellular
    • 5/70158 Molecular Biology
  • Genetics/Genomics
    • Bioinformatics

Possible Electives:

  • 5/70148 Molecular Biology
  • 5/70148 Principles of Infectious Disease
  • 5/70174 Immunology
  • 5/70341 Stem Cell Biology: Principles and Applications
  • Bioinformatics