Successes of Past Graduate Students

Dr. Jenny RemusDr. Jennifer Remus, Graduated from KSU with her Ph.D.  in Physiology in 2015. During her time at KSU, Dr. Remus  was selected to participate in the 64th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. She was one out of 600 participants from around the world who was invited to attend lectures and interact with 34 nobel laureates in Medicine or Physiology. The Mars Corporation sponsored her.

“While attending Kent State University I gained many valuable experiences: helped write a grant, traveled to present work at national and international conferences, and co-taught a large lecture course. During all of these opportunities, I learned a great deal that has helped me become a better researcher, teacher and even student! I know that these experiences have provided a foundation for me to succeed and launch a successful career. Lastly (and best of all!) I get to spend my time studying fascinating questions, which has continued to fuel my excitement for science!”

Dr. Ola Olapade,  Associate Professor of Biology, Albion College, Graduated from KSU with his Ph.D in Ecology in 2004Dr. Ola Olapade.

"I consider myself very privileged and well served to have obtained my PhD in Biological Sciences from Kent State under the guidance of several capable professors who are all trailblazers in their various disciplines. In particular, my graduate advisor in person of Dr. Laura Leff, who is a leading and prolific scholar in the field of Microbial and Aquatic Ecology, provided the needed leadership and opportunity to conduct various cutting-edge research that were published and well received in our field, even before my dissertation was successfully completed. In addition to Dr Leff, my other graduate committee members willingly provided support when sort in securing a postdoctoral as well as eventual faculty positions, for which I am profoundly appreciative. Undoubtedly, my unreserved pride in the quality of education that I received from Kent State have strongly influenced my decision at several occasions to recommend the institution to several of my students here at Albion College for their postgraduate education" 

Dr. Larry Feinstein, Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Maine at Presque Isle, Graduated from KSU with his Ph.D. in Ecology in 2012.

“My graduate experience at Kent State provided me with outstanding professional training and experience and played an integral role in increasing my marketability for a tenure-track academic job in an extremely competitive job market. The quality of education, rigorous scientific training, and opportunities for professional development (teaching, serving on committees, attending national conferences) that were provided served me very well. I highly recommend this institution to anyone who is looking to obtain exceptional training and preparation that will translate into a thriving successful professional career.”

Dr. Jessie Guinn

Dr. Jessie Guinn, Assistant Academic Dean of STEM, Arcadia University, Graduated from KSU with his PhD in Physiology in 2011.

"My time in BSCI was a time of academic discovery, enrichment, and personal growth. I value the mentorship and support that I received from the faculty and staff that has greatly prepared me as a scientist and my current role as an administrator." 

Dr. Allison Brager, National Research Council Fellow, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Graduated from KSU with her Ph.D. in Physiology in 2011.

"There are several reasons Dr. Allison Bragerwhy I am proud to be a PhD alumna of the Department of Biological Sciences at Kent State University. First, the research foci of faculty are extremely diverse. There is a research area for every interest and expertise at every behavioral, physiological, and molecular level of study. Second, the facilities and cores of the department are extensive and spacious enough to conduct large-scale and long-term experiments much like my own research required. What I miss most about the Department of Biological Sciences at Kent State University is the community of faculty and graduate students and the constant seeking for collaboration and intellectual conversation. It is something that I took for granted. Lastly, I will say that I am impressed by the level of expansion of the neuroscience program. When I began my graduate studies, the neuroscience program was in its inception. By the time that I left, the neuroscience faculty and coursework exponentially increased to the point that Kent is now a leader in behavior neuroscience research."