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KSU/Cleveland Clinic Collaborative Doctoral Program Faculty

Name Email Phone Specialty
Alex Almasan almasaa@ccf.org 216-445-9970 Ph.D., University of South Carolina. Genotoxic stress-induced signals for cell cycle control and cell death. More on Almasan
Selva Baltan baltans@ccf.org 216-444-3972 Ph.D., McGill University, M.D., Hacettepe University. The role of neutrophils in neurologic deterioration after subarachnoid hemorrhage. More on Baltan
Cornelia Bergmann bergmac@ccf.org 216-444-5922 Ph.D., Technische Hochschule.  Immune responses to viral infections in the central nervous system.  More on Bergmann
John W. Crabb crabbj@ccf.org 216-445-9754 Ph.D., University of Kansas Medical Center. Proteomics and biomarkers of age-related ocular diseases. More on Crabb
Serpil C. Erzurum erzurus@ccf.org 216-445-5764 M.D., Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine. Oxidant regulation of gene expression, airway inflammation, asthma, gene therapy. More on Erzurum
Candece L. Gladson gladsoc@ccf.org 216-636-9493 M.D., Loyola School of Medicine. Regulation and mechanisms in malignant glioma, tumor angeogenisis. More on Gladson
John P. Kirwan Kirwanj@ccf.org 216-444-3412 Ph.D., Ball State University. Diabetes, diet, exercise, surgery, treatments. More on Kirwan
Veronique Lefebvre lefebvv@ccf.org 216-445-0762 Ph.D., Universite Catholique de Louvain. SoxC genes in skeletogenesis, expression in chondrocytes, transcription factors. More on Lefebvre
Christine Moravec moravec@ccf.org 216-445-9949 Ph.D., Cleveland State University.  Heart failure, cellular malfunction in cardiac dysfunction, psychophysiologic interventions. More on Moravec
George Muschler muschlg@ccf.org 216-445-2028 M.D., Northwestern University.  Preservation, repair, regeneration, augmentation, and replacement of musculoskeletal tissues. More on Muschler
Imad Najm najmi@ccf.org 216-445-1107 M.D., St. Joseph Univ. School of Medicine, Lebanon. Epilepsy, neuromodulation, treatment, gene expression. More on Najm
Christine O'Connor oconnoc6@ccf.org 216-444-0676 Ph.D., University of Virginia.
Robert H. Silverman silverr@ccf.org 216-445-9650 Ph.D., Iowa State University. RNase L in antiviral innate immunity and prostate cancer, phosphodiesterases in the control of viral pathogenesis. More on Silverman
Bruce D. Trapp trappb@ccf.org 216-444-7177 Ph.D., Loyola University. Cellular and molecular biology of mylination, demyelination, and dysmyelination. More on Trapp