Advising in the Biotechnology Program

Students in the Molecular Biology LabAll current Biotechnology students should meet regularly with the Biotechnology Program Director to get advice on the career and on the program requirements that must be met.  The Program Director serves as the major adviser.

The Biotechnology Program Director:

  • Aids in course planning
  • Approves course substitutions in the major
  • Provides advice on elective courses and approves elective courses not listed in the program requirements
  • Provides career advice and counseling

Email the Biotechnology Program Director to schedule an appointment.

In addition students will meet with a regular academic adviser in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

The College of Arts and Sciences advising staff:

  • Aids in course planning, with a focus on meeting the Kent Core requirements
  • Review all degree requirements and verifies that the student has met the requirements at graduation.

Make an appointment with an Arts and Sciences advisor