Biotechnology Courses

Students in the Molecular Biology Lab

Specific Biotechnology Courses:

BTEC 10210 - Introduction to Biotechnology

Basic principles and applications of modern biotechnology, including recombinant DNA technology, microbial technology, fermentation, genetic engineering, plant and animal tissue culture and medical biotechnology.

3 Credit Hours


BTEC 40191 - Seminar: Recent Developments in Biotechnology

Recent developments in biotechnology explored through the presentation and discussion of research articles and reviews in the biotechnology literature.

1 Credit Hour


BTEC 40210 - Case Studies in Biotechnology

Case studies used to explore biotechnology practice and the application of various technologies in industry and medicine.  Emphasis placed on developing problem solving, information gathering, inductive reasoning and technical communication skills.

3 Credit Hours


BTEC 40220 - Bioinformatics

Analysis of biological databases including nucleic acid and protein sequence searching, multiple sequence alignments, protein classification, phylogenetic analysis, comparative genomics, proteomics, and protein structure analysis.

3 Credit Hours