Course of Study

The program places particular emphasis on practical training and includes laboratories in general chemistry, cell biology, microbiology, biological chemistry, and molecular biology.

Most of the science courses for this interdisciplinary degree program in biotechnology are taught by faculty from the Department of Biological Sciences and the Department of Chemistry. Many of the faculty in these departments employ biotechnology methods (e.g. cell culture, antibody technologies, recombinant DNA technologies, gene targeting, protein engineering technologies, bioimaging, etc.) and/or are involved in the development of such methods as part of their research.

A number of the faculty have been honored with teaching awards, including the Alumni Association’s Distinguished teaching Award and the College of Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Council Award for Outstanding Teaching.

Biotechnology Student in the Laboratory

Typical Course of Study:

Year 1: biological foundations, cell biology (lecture/lab), general chemistry (lecture/lab), calculus, probability and statistics for life sciences.

Year 2: microbiology (lecture/lab), genetics (lecture), organic chemistry (lecture/lab), aqueous equilibrium (lecture), biological chemistry (lecture/lab), general physics, computer science, ethics.

Year 3: molecular biology (lecture), analytical chemistry (lecture/lab), advanced biological chemistry (lecture/lab), immunology, business, bioethics.

Year 4: case studies in biotechnology (lecture/seminar) research experience and/or internship, bioinformatics, electives.

General University Requirements:

All students seeking a bachelor’s degree at Kent State University complete a series of liberal education requirements. In addition to the course work specific to their major, students pursuing a B.S. degree in biotechnology take courses in English composition, foreign language, humanities, fine arts, and social sciences.

Specialized Biotechnology focus courses

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