About | Brain Health Research Institute | Kent State University

Kent State University’s Brain Health Research Institute (BHRI) is committed to improving our understanding of brain function in health, disease and repair.

Our mission includes the development of new approaches aimed at understanding both healthy brain function and neurological disorders by identifying genetic, environmental and behavioral influences that impact brain health across the lifespan.

BHRI researchers are focused on the discovery and assessment of therapies that take advantage of neuroplasticity to improve or restore motor, cognitive and emotional functions impaired by aging or by neurologic disease.

Our initiative will provide quality training for the next generation of scientists and will be instrumental in the development of impactful educational experiences with the lay community.

BHRI researchers have wide-ranging expertise in neuroscience and apply their studies through a myriad of disciplines, including cell and molecular biology, psychology, humanities, computer programming, public health, medicine, neurology, exercise physiology, and rehabilitation science. Each of these disciplines makes a unique contribution to understanding normal function and potential pathways to restore function impaired by neurologic injury or disease.

The BHRI is committed to education, research and outreach in brain and behavior at Kent State University, and functions to promote collaborative multi-disciplinary research in the area of brain health. The Institute includes more than 80 faculty members across 8 Colleges and 20 different departments throughout the Kent State community.