Are transfer students eligible to participate in the Tuition Guarantee Plan?

All eligible undergraduate students transferring from another college or university will join in the cohort that aligns with the credits that they are transferring to Kent State. See table below.

Credits Transferred Cohort Years Guarantee Available
< 30 credits Current cohort 4 years available
30 - 59 credits Prior cohort 3 years available
60 - 89 credits 2 years prior 2 years available
90 credits or more 3 years prior 1 year available

Example: Students transferring 30 or fewer credits to Kent State during their first term will be guaranteed that their resident tuition, career services fee, room and board rates will stay the same for 12 consecutive semesters or four academic years. Similarly, students who transfer 79 credits during their first term at Kent State will be guaranteed their cohort rate for two years.

*A transfer student is any student who transfers to Kent State University from another college or postsecondary institution. Transfer students who transferred from any college or university prior to Fall Semester 2018 are not covered under the Tuition Guarantee Plan, as they are considered part of the returning student cohort.  In addition, students in the online BSN for RN online program will not be part of the tuition guarantee plan as this program is approved at a special tuition rate.