Flywire Monthly Payment Plan FAQ's

What payment plan options does Kent offer?

Kent State University has two payment plan options: one plan for registered students and a discretionary plan for non-registered students

What is the difference between the non-registered and the registered student payment plan?

The non-registered student, or discretionary plan, is for students that are no longer attending Kent State University and have a past due balance. The plan period ranges from 3-12 months and depends on the amount owed to Kent State University

The registered student payment plan period ranges from 2-5 months. The length of the payment plan depends on when a student signed-up for the plan

For more information about either type of plan, including the plan periods, please log onto the payment plans homepage

How much is the enrollment fee for the payment plans?

The enrollment fee is $55.00 per payment plan, which is required at the time of enrollment

How do I enroll in a payment plan?

Students can enroll in a payment plan via FlashLine under Student/Finances/Tuition & Payments, Payment plans.  For more information on enrolling in a payment plan, please log onto the payment plan homepage.

Can multiple individuals setup a payment plan for the same student?

Yes, a student may add as many authorized users onto their payment plan account as they like. Authorized users can view the payment plan and make payments. If multiple authorized users are on the payment plan account, each authorized user will have the ability to view their own authorized user payment plan and the student’s combined payment plan.

For more information on enrolling in a payment plan, please log onto the payment plan homepage


What are the payment options for the payment plan?

The payment options are direct debit from a checking or saving account. There is no charge for this option. You can also make payments with a debit/credit card. Please note there is a 2.9% service fee for each debit/credit card transaction. You can change your payment option at any time.

What happens if my student account balance changes? Does my payment plan balance automatically change?

No, you and/or your authorized user will need to update your Flywire payment plan to reflect the change. This can be done by logging into your Flywire payment plan directly through FlashLine or by contacting Flywire at 857-287-3823.

I am anticipating other financial assistance (e.g. financial aid, scholarships, grants, employer deferment, or a third-party contract payment.) that is not reflected on my student account. How much should I enroll in a plan for?

 Simply deduct the amount of other financial assistance you are anticipating from your account balance and enroll in a payment plan for the difference. The payment plan amount can be adjusted at any time during the semester. 

I signed up for the payment plan, but have now received financial aid and/or other funds that will cover my balance in full. What should I do?

If you no longer need the payment plan, you can cancel it at any time by contacting Flywire customer service at 857-287-3823 or outside of the U.S. call 857-287-3818.

I am a registered student. Can I sign up for the payment plan for current and future terms?

Yes, students and authorized users can sign up for future term payment plans during the initial setup of any current term payment plan. Please note that you will not be charged the $55.00 enrollment fee for the future plan until the plan officially opens for the next semester. Fall plans open in July and spring plans are available in December.

Can the payment plan be used in conjunction with other forms of payment?

Yes, students and authorized users can use multiple forms of payment including personal payments, financial aid, prepaid college plans, employer deferments and/or other types of payments in conjunction with the payment plan.

Does the FERPA authorization in Flywire allow my authorized user to have access to my financial and/or educational records at Kent State University?

No, the FERPA authorization for Flywire authorized user access does not apply to Kent State University financial and/or academic records.  The student must complete a separate FERPA authorization for parents/guardians for access to their KSU student account. This can be done by logging into FlashLine select Student/Requests and Authorizations/Grant Online FERPA Authorization.

I did not opt for the auto pay feature for my monthly payments. How do I make my payment to Flywire?

If you are a student please log into FlashLine select student/dashboard/finances and under “Top Student Finances Resources” select “Payment Plan” to be routed directly to Flywire to make your payment. If you are an authorized user please go to the  Flywire authorized user log in  to make your payment.

Is there a minimum balance required to enroll in the payment plan?

Students with a balance of $100.00 or greater may register for the discretionary or non-registered student payment plan

How do I switch my payment method for my payment plan?

In Flywire on the Payment Plans tab, select Make a Payment then add a new bank account or new credit/debit card and enter the new information. 

I’m on a payment plan and I didn’t have enough money in my bank account to cover my payment. What will happen?

The payment will be returned to Kent State University and you will be charged a $30.00 non-sufficient fund fee by Flywire

What type of communication is there from Flywire once I enroll in a payment plan?

Flywire has several email notifications triggered when a payment plan is activated, an auto payment is processed, the payment plan amount is changed, etc. Students and authorized users can opt out or opt in to receive these communication notifications under "Actions" and then selecting "Manage Notifications." By default, email notifications will be sent. Students and authorized users can opt in to receive text message notifications. The text message notifications are used for notifications triggered by an action after a payment plan is activated

Do I still receive an e-bill from KSU if I’m enrolled in the payment plan?

Students participating in the registered student payment plan will receive notification once their e-bills are published. Non-registered student payment plan participants will not receive e-bills while enrolled in the payment plan

Who do I contact for questions regarding specific charges on my student account?

Students can contact the One Stop for Student Services at 330-672-6000 or via the “Contact Us” link at with questions about their student account

Who do I contact for questions regarding the payment plan enrollment process?

Please contact Flywire for customer assistance at 857-287-3823 (M-F 8am-6pm CST) or outside of the U.S. 857-287-3818

I do not see my account balance in Flywire or FlashLine. When will I see how much I owe for the upcoming term?

In general, fall charges will be viewable in FlashLine and Flywire by mid-July and spring charges by the first week of December. In order to set up a payment plan, you may contact the One Stop for Student Services at 330-672-6000 and a representative can assist with estimating your budget.  When the actual charges are available, you can then log into your Flywire account and make adjustments to your payment plan.

What if I want to pay off my payment plan early?

There is no prepayment penalty for paying off a payment plan before the final payment is due.

I made my payment plan payment by mistake directly to Kent State instead of Flywire. What do I need to do?

Please contact Flywire directly at 857-287-3823 for help updating your payment plan.