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Loan Cancelation Forms

Early Intervention or Provider at Family Service Agency (PDF)
Head Start Staff Member, Pre-K, Child care program staff (PDF)
Law Enforcement, Corrections officer,  Public Defense Lawyer, Prosecuting Attorney (PDF)
Nurse, Medical Technician, Firefighter (PDF)
Teaching, Speech language Pathologist, Librarian  (PDF)
Volunteer in Peace Corps, or AmeriCorps Vista (PDF)

Employer Reimbursement Tuition Deferment Agreement (PDF) 
The signed request must be returned to the One Stop along with a copy of the company's written tuition reimbursement policy. Deferment is based on employer reimbursement rate.


Perkins Loan Economic Hardship Deferment (PDF)
Perkins Loan Unemployment Deferment Form (PDF)
Perkins Loan In-School Deferment Form (PDF)
Perkins Loan Total and Permanent Disability Discharge Form (PDF)
Perkins Loan Military Deferment Form (PDF)
Perkins Loan Primary Health Care Certification Obligation Form (PDF)
Perkins Loan Graduate Fellowship Deferment (PDF)
Perkins Loan Rehabilitation Training Deferment (PDF)
Student Deferment Form for HPSL, LDS NSL (PDF)


General Forbearance (PDF)
Perkins Loan Mandatory Forbearance Form (PDF)

Additional Student Applications

Request for FlashCash Form
All requests for FlashCash must be sent from the student’s email address. Requests not received from a email address will not be processed.

Rescind Authorization of TIV (PDF)
The original signed form must be returned to the One Stop IN PERSON.

Short Term Loan Application (PDF) 
The original signed application must be emailed to the One Stop, or submitted IN PERSON to the One Stop, for final approval. Please read the Terms and Requirements section for criteria and limitations.

Stop Payment Form (PDF)
The original signed request must be returned to the One Stop. If the check is from a PLUS (parent loan) refund the request must be signed by the person to whom the check is made payable.

1098-T Rescindment Form (PDF)
Request to withdraw consent for receiving the 1098-T form electronically.