IRS 1098T Tax Notification for Tax Year 2015

IRS 1098T Tax Notification for Tax Year 2015

The 1098-T forms for 2015 tax year should be available through FlashLine by January 22, 2016.  See steps below to access your electronic 1098T.   If you have not opted-in to electronic delivery, Log in to FlashLine and click on the “My Account” tab

  • Log in to FlashLine
  • Select the “My Account” tab
  • Select “1098T Tax Forms”
  • Choose the year needed
  • Print your form and keep with your tax records

You need to contact your tax preparer or the IRS if you have questions concerning how to use the 1098T tax form for your taxes as we are not permitted to give advice on how to complete tax returns. You may find useful information relating to the 1098T tax forms on the IRS website at these following web addresses:

You can also access detailed information about the 1098T tax form on the Bursar’s website at  Select the “Forms and Resources” drop down menu. The 1098T FAQ can be found under the resource link


Please note: If you did not process your own class registered for spring 2016 classes through FlashLine then you will also receive a paper copy through the mail before January 31, 2016.