Monthly Payment Plan Options

Educational expenses can be easier to manage when spread over predictable monthly payments. Kent State University offers two types of payment plans to assist students and families. We offer a plan for registered students and a discretionary plan for non-registered students. Each plan has an enrollment fee of $55 per payment plan and includes:

  • Convenient monthly payments, see details for each plan below
  • 24-hour account access to your monthly payment plan information via FlashLine
  • Flywire does not charge a late fee
  • The ability for students to setup multiple authorized users on their payment plan account
  • Flexible customer service options:
    • Live chat feature with Flywire customer service representative
    • Toll-free customer service Monday-Friday at 857-287-3823
    • For calls outside of the U.S. and Canada, please call 857-287-3818

Registered Student Plan Options

The registered student payment plan offers 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 monthly payments for the fall semester and 2, 3, 4 or 5 monthly payment for the spring semester. See payment plan schedule below for due dates.

Non-Registered Student Plan Options

There are several options available depending on your amount due.

  • For balances under $100 please pay through our online payment portal
  • $100.00-499.99 due can choose between 4, 5, or 6 installments
  • $500.00-1,999.99 due can choose between 7, 8, or 9 installments
  • $2,000.00-30,000.00 due can choose between 8, 10, or 12 installments

Additional information regarding payment plan options can be found in the Payment Plan FAQ’s

Enrolling in the Payment Plan

Student Initiated

The enrollment process is simple and students enroll in the plan directly through FlashLine by following the steps below:

  • Once logged into FlashLine click on Student menu tab to the left
  • Click the Finances tab and navigate to the Tuition and Payments tab
  • Select Payment Plan
  • Select Enroll in Payment Plan


Payment Plan Screen Shot


Students can set up authorized users on their payment plan account. Authorized users will have the ability to view and make payments toward the payment plan. Students can follow the process below to setup an authorized user on their payment plan:

  • Students need to navigate to the Monthly Payment Plan section via FlashLine. See instruction above.
  • Then select the Setup Now link under the “Quick Links” to begin the authorized user setup


Screenshot of setup for granting authorized user access.


Current Authorized Users can access their student’s monthly payment plan account information by signing into Flywire.


Parents and others may assist students with their monthly payment plan by requesting access from the student through Flywire.

  • Select “Create New Account” and follow the setup prompts.
  • When completed, the student will receive an email instructing them to approve or deny your access request.

Manage Your Kent State University Account Login Screen with Email address field, password field and log in button create new account button and forgot password option.  Create New Account is highlighted.


How do I make my monthly payment to Flywire if I do not select automatic payment?

If you are a student, please log into FlashLine select student/dashboard/finances and under “Top Student Finances Resources” select “Payment Plan” to be routed directly to Flywire to make your payment. If you are an authorized user please go to the Authorized user log in to make your payment.


Payment Plan Schedule for Fall 2023

Plan Type 1st Payment Due 2nd Payment Due 3rd Payment Due 4th Payment Due 5th Payment Due Final Payment Due
Six payment Plan 5-Jul 5-Aug 5-Sep 5-Oct 5-Nov 5-Dec
Five Payment Plan 5-Aug 5-Sep 5-Oct 5-Nov   5-Dec
Four Payment Plan 5-Sep 5-Oct 5-Nov     5-Dec
Three Payment Plan 5-Oct 5-Nov       5-Dec
Two Payment Plan 5-Nov         5-Dec


Payment Plan Schedule for Spring 2023

Plan Type 1st Payment Due 2nd Payment Due 3rd Payment Due 4th Payment Due Final Payment Due
Five Payment Plan 5-Dec 5-Jan 5-Feb 5-March 5-Apr
Four Payment Plan 5-Jan 5-Feb 5-March   5-Apr
Three Payment Plan 5-Feb 5-March     5-Apr
Two Payment Plan 5-March       5-Apr

Please contact Flywire customer service with question and/or any issues you may have at 857-287-3823 or their website