Using Financial Aid

Any deductible financial aid will be reflected on the invoices if the financial aid is awarded when the invoice is printed. Aid that is awarded after an invoice has been printed may be deducted as follows:

  1. Any aid, which is designated as "actual" on the "Notification of Financial Aid," may be deducted with the exception of Federal Work Study. Use only the amount for the current term.
  2. After deducting the appropriate amounts of financial aid, the balance must be paid in full or with the Monthly Payment Plan by the payment deadline. You cannot use estimated (EST) aid or awarded financial aid as the first monthly plan payment. Contact the One Stop for further information.

Students desiring to receive verification of their estimated aid should check FlashLine before initiating direct contact with the Student Financial Aid Office.

Some forms of aid vary in amount based on the number of course hours for which students are enrolled. The Student Financial Aid Office will use your enrollment as of the end of the first week of class as the basis for this determination.


Master Promissory Notes have replaced the previous promissory notes that were required on an annual basis. The signed Master Promissory Note will cover all loans awarded under these programs at Kent State University until the note expires (a period extending for up to ten years).  An e-mail will be sent to students required to sign a Master Promissory Note.  Students will be directed to an online site for an electronic signature.  

*NOTE: Federal Perkins and/or Nursing Student Loans will NOT be credited to your student account and refunds WILL be delayed until the Promissory Note has been signed.