A female consultant works with a male client.The Certified Business Advisor® (CBA) is an on-demand, self-paced eLearning certification program specially designed for professionals who advise small business owners.

CBA® is designed for maximum on-the-job performance and provides assurance to clients that its graduates have the business skills, competency and knowledge to effectively counsel, guide and inform entrepreneurs.

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To maintain CBA certification, a minimum of 20 hours per calendar year of continuing education must be completed and documented. For more information on how to retain your certification, please contact Domini Hunt at domini.hunt@development.ohio.gov.


  • Provides assurance to clients that CBA® graduates have the business skills, competency and knowledge to effectively counsel, guide and inform entrepreneurs
  • Serves as a review of knowledge obtained through education and experience.  CBA® is, in essence, a proficiency exam, and reaffirms the Business Advisor’s knowledge in business basics
  • Contains travel costs and reduces time away from the office
  • Is designed to be applied immediately in the workplace. Students can integrate the material into their jobs while learning instead of waiting until the class ends.  Work and learning become one and the same
  • Answers the need for lifelong learning. CBA® provides a framework for continuing professional development by requiring additional continuing education annually to maintain certification
  • Graduates will receive a certificate of completion issued by Kent State University


  • Kent State University, an AACSB-accredited university, (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) awards CBA® certification, thereby validating its objectivity and integrity
  • The College of Business Administration at Kent State University is among fewer than 1% of business schools worldwide to receive dual AACSB accreditation in both business and accounting
  • Kent State’s MBA and EMBA programs are ranked Tier One globally by CEO Magazine. The College is ranked as a top business college in Ohio and the number is ranked as one of the nation's most outstanding business schools, according to The Princeton Review
  • CBA® is a graduate-level certification program, implemented by graduate-level professors using graduate school standards in both course development and grading