Anjelica Campbell - Success Story

Success Story: Anjelica Campbell

Anjelica Campbell
Accounting Major

Anjelica Campbell

I am from Howland, Ohio and I am a senior accounting major with a minor in international business. I recently secured an internship with Ernst & Young (EY) for Spring 2017 through the Meet the Accountants Night process. Prior to this, I have worked on campus as a tutor for both University Tutoring and NCAA Academic Support, as a Destination Kent State Registration Lab assistant with the College of Business, and several other off-campus jobs. 

I identified my internship with EY while going through the Meet the Accountants Night event. While preparing for Meet the Accountants Night, I used many Career Services resources. I worked with Kel on multiple occasions to ensure my resume was ready and I also participated in a mock interview prior to the week of first round interviews. The feedback from the mock interview gave me even more confidence going into my “real” interviews. I applied to and was accepted by nine firms for the first round of interviews and five firms for the second round of interviews. I chose to accept an internship at EY because the culture feels like a great fit for me and I am very drawn to their global focus and emphasis on entrepreneurship. 

The best advice for someone looking for an internship is to be very observant of each company that you interact with. Especially in Accounting, much of the work is the same from firm to firm and most firms will describe themselves in very similar ways. Therefore, the distinctive factor among firms is the people and the culture they create. By observing a firm’s culture, in practice, you will be able to get a more accurate feel for what it would be like to work there compared to other firms. The culture that I observed with EY was one of professionalism, honor, and growth and that was a major factor in my decision.