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Jobs and Internships

  • A successful career grows from strong work experience, specifically internships. We provide the tools and services to help you pursue a meaningful career. Please review the below resources to assist you in becoming a competitive candidate in your internship and job search.

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The Internship Search Process (PDF)

Applying for Internship Credit

You have accepted an internship offer and are ready to apply for credit*.
Here you'll find important information you need to know before applying; please read this in its entirety.

  • Accounting Students

    Are you an accounting student?
    If so, the Accounting Department has additional requirements and deadlines.

    More on
    the Accounting Internship Program

  • International Students

    International Students on an F-1 Student Visa must have work authorization to legally work in an internship in the United States. At the time of your offer, you must apply for course credit and contact the International Programs Office to begin the CPT visa process. You cannot complete your CPT application until you are registered for an internship class.

    More on
    International Advising

  • CIS & HR Majors

    Computer Information Systems and Human Resources Management Majors are required to complete an internship for credit as part of the degree program.

*Internship application must occur AFTER you have accepted an offer, but BEFORE you begin working.

Steps to Apply

  1. Before completing the application, you must have accepted an internship offer.
  2. You should determine, based on student eligibility below, which internship course you are applying for credit. You will have the option to apply for major credit, general elective credit or to be considered for both. (i.e. if you do not meet criteria for major credit your application will be reviewed for general elective credit)
  3. You must complete the Prospective Supervisors Form (.DOCX) and be ready to upload it to the application.
  4. You must complete directions for obtaining a copy of your GPS (.PDF) and be ready to upload it to the application. 
  5. You should be prepared to provide the following information:
    1. A job description, including specific projects you will be working on during the intership.
    2. Planned start and end dates of the internship., the number of hours per week, salary and reporting relationships.
    3. How the internship is expected to enhance your career goals.
  6. Please do not start filling out the application form until all uploads are completed and prepared for upload.

Step 1

Download and Complete the Prospective Supervisors Form (.docx)

Step 2

Download a Copy of Your GPS (.pdf)

Step 3

Apply for Internship Credit

Available Options for Credit

  • Fall Semester

    Internship Experiences occurring during the fall semester are available to apply toward fall course credit only. Must apply by fall semester application deadline: Friday, October 6, 2017.
  • Spring Semester

    Internship Experiences occurring during the spring semester are available to apply toward fall course credit only. Must apply by fall semester application deadline: Friday, February 23, 2018.
  • Summer Semester

    Internship Experiences are available to apply toward summer course credit or deferred to fall course credit. Must apply by the summer application deadline: Friday, July 23, 2018 for summer* or fall** credit. 

    *If you apply for summer course credit, you will be billed accordingly for summer credits.
    **If you apply for fall course credit, you must apply by the summer deadline.
  • Late Applications

    Applications received after the stated deadline may be reviewed at the discretion of the academic department.

Course credit is not available if you have already completed your internship experience, as you must be under the supervision of faculty during the experience.

Experience Hours Necessary for Credit

  • 135 Experience Hours

    135 experience hours are required, after the acceptance of your application and during the internship, if you are an undergraduate seeking credit in:
    • Business Management
    • General Business
    • CIS
    • Economics
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Managerial Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Sales Certificate
  • 300 Experience Hours

    300 experience hours are required, if you are an Accounting or Master's Student.

Student Eligibility

Areas of Credit

Students may choose to apply for credit within their major or general business elective* credits:

  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Finanace
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing/Managerial Marketing
  • Sales

*General elective credit is availible to freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors through course BUS 20192 or BUS 40192.

Major Credit

In order to receive major credit for your internship:

  • You must have at least junior standing (60+ credit hours), have completed course pre-requisites, be in good standing and be declared in the major for which credit is sought
  • There are minimum cumulative GPA and major GPA requirements for each internship course
  • There are pre-requisite courses you must have completed

Your internship experience must be approved for major credit by your faculty internship coordinator at the time of application.

General Elective Credit

Why apply for general elective credit?

Academic Qualifications

To ensure you qualify academically for the internship:

  • Review Internship Credit Pre-Requisite Courses (.PDF) OR
  • Check the course catelog, by major, for pre-requisites:
    • Accounting:
      ACCT 43092
    • Business Management:
      MIS 44192
    • General Business:
      BUS 40192
    • Computer Information Systems:
      MIS 44292
    • Economics:
      ECON 42292
    • Entrepreneurship:
      ENTR 47292
    • Finance:
      FIN 46192
    • Marketing:
      MKTG 45292
    • Human Resources:
      MIS 44492
    • Sales Certificate:
      MKTG 45192

Internship Application Approval Process

  1. The Career Services Office will intake your application and send it to appropriate academic department.
  2. You academic department's faculty internship coordinator will review your application for approval. Your experience must meet the standards set by the department and you must academically qualify.
  3. You will recieve an email within 5-7 business days with the course's CRN and override approval and then you must SELF ENROLL or you will recieve an email letting you know that your internship was not approved for credit.