CEBIpitch: Live Pitch Guidelines


Criteria (10 minute total - 5 minute pitch & 5 minute Q+A)

Product: Briefly describe your product or service

Such as...

  • What problem/opportunity does it solve?
  • What makes your product or service unique?
  • Value proposition: How will your product/service add value for your customer?

Industry: Describe your industry and who will be buying your product/service

Such as...

  • What industry does your product/service fall in to?
  • Describe your primary target market
  • Clearly define who your key customers are
  • How large is your estimated market size

Marketing & Sales Plan

Such as...

  • How do you plan to sell the product/service? Promote? Brand?
  • What distribution channels do you plan to use and why?

Competition: Explain your competition

Such as...

  • Who are they? Direct/Indirect? How big of a threat do they pose?
  • What is your competitive advantage (how does your product differ from your competitors)?
  • Current patent/IPs

Financials: Expected Revenue Stream

Such as...

  • What do you expect to sell your first year? 12-18 months?
  • Revenue money and number of customers
  • Cost to produce?
  • Profit potential?
    • i.e. sales price, profit margins
  • How much product will have to sell to break even?


  • Describe your management team/advisors and a plan to fill any holes in your team

The Future

  • What are your next steps to grow the business?
  • How will you use the funds you receive?

Presentation Skills

Such as...

  • How much do you know about your product?
  • How passionate are you about it?
  • How well can you sell yourself and your company?

Judging Metrics

Each metric is scored on a "0-10" system.

  1. Product/Market Need: Provides a unique product/service
  2. Industry: Market is clearly described and sized, along with the target customer
  3. Marketing/Sales: Marketing strategy seems realistic and effective
  4. Competition: Demonstrated an understanding of the competitors and alternatives and the product presents a competitive advantage
  5. Financials: Company has realistic and sustainable financial projections and a sound strategy
  6. Management: Describes a balanced team/has a plan to fill gaps
  7. Future: Favorable sustainable growth expected with reasonable plans to use funding
  8. Presentation: How excited, passionate did they seem to get about the idea? Do they have what it takes to stand behind their company?