Education Abroad

Rennes, FranceInterested in learning about sustainable development in another country? The Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship offers a variety of education abroad experiences that focus on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.


India: Sustainability in Business: A Global Perspective

This three-credit course introduces you to environmental and social sustainability and how these global challenges are creating new markets, driving innovation and compelling organizations to adopt new models of doing business. The course offers a 10-day study abroad tour to India in January 2018, prior to the start of Spring semester.

Students will visit the cities of Pune and Delhi, with a stop by the beautiful Taj Mahal in Agra. The class will tour major international businesses as well as micro firms to learn about the business opportunities created by these global challenges.

France: International Experience in Sustainability

This interactive 11-day course in Rennes, France introduces you to sustainability through the international study of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). You will meet and collaborate with students from universities all over the world as you study in a city recognized for its leadership in sustainability. In addition to lectures, the learning experience includes guest speakers, business visits and sightseeing tours. The course will be offered from June 11-22, 2018.

Sustainable Sales and Marketing in Greece

This course examines sustainability programs employed by U.S. companies and compares them to similar programs in Greece. Implications for sales and marketing activities include examining promotional materials, sustainability programs related to product production and distribution as well as development, and discovering corporate long-term goals and objectives


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