5 Leadership Characteristics You Will Gain From Pursuing Your EMBA

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Are you looking to advance yourself both personally and professionally? An Executive MBA can help you develop into a better manager by providing you with the knowledge and skills that others look for in a great leader.

Here are just a few leadership characteristics you can cultivate and expand upon through our Executive MBA program:


Communication is essential for anyone, but especially for those in leadership positions. You need to be able to communicate with your clients, your employees and your superiors.

With Kent State’s Executive MBA program, you will learn not only how to present and communicate with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, but also to do so concisely and effectively.


Many students who enter the Executive MBA program don’t have a business background, but you’ll become more confident in yourself and your knowledge of the business world as you work through the program.

Many Kent EMBA alumni have said the coursework and projects significantly helped them gain confidence in themselves and their work. Watch the video below to learn how our Executive MBA program helped Barry Wardle:


As a leader, it is important to think analytically and be able to dissect and understand the different areas of business. In the Executive MBA program, you will receive an overview of each area of business, providing you with a working knowledge that you can use to make educated decisions regarding your business. 


Since an EMBA program allows you to work full-time while going to school, you will be able to directly and immediately apply what you learn in the classroom to your current job. This may come in handy as problems arise, allowing you to initiate the problem-solving skills you’ve learned.

The program’s coursework also allows you to analyze several workplace issues that may arise throughout your career. Whether it’s analyzing case studies, group projects or learning from your peers’ personal experiences, you will leave better prepared to understand and handle a wide range of issues.


Being a good leader sometimes means looking at things from a different perspective. The program structure for the Executive MBA program is designed to create the greatest amount of diversity possible in order to open you up to a variety of different perspectives.

At Kent State, we understand that to have the most beneficial learning experience, you need to be able to learn from your peers as well as your professors. Watch the video below to learn how that class diversity helped Susan Colak Hendricks in her own EMBA experience:

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