5 Tips for Changing Careers With an EMBA Degree

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Earning your EMBA degree at Kent State can be just the right amount of push you need to achieve career advancement in your field. Our advanced curriculum and coursework can open you up to the possibilities of a rewarding career change. 

We know that changing a career is never easy, though, so we’ve come up with five tips to help you get started. 


  1. Figure Out What You Want

In learning how to change careers, it may seem obvious that figuring out what you want is step one. However, it actually takes more assessing than you may think. 

You know that you want something new within your career, but what is it that you really want? Advancement at your current company? A complete company and location change? What realm of business do you want your career to focus on? 

Asking yourself these tough questions and figuring out the answers will be the first step in advancing your career. Once you know what you want and have established specific goals for the future of your career, you can really figure out the next steps that come with making this change. 


  1. Do Your Research

When it comes to figuring out what you want for your career and the next stage of your life, research is imperative. Be sure to research what industries are doing well that also coincide with your interests. Determine the benefits of a career change, and figure out if they outweigh any possible setbacks. Depending where you are geographically, find out if there are opportunities for you in the place you want to go. 

When it comes to changing a career, preparing as much as you can ahead of time will only help you. 


  1. Be Honest

Whether this is a career change that will offer you advancement at your current job or take you to a completely different company, it’s best to be honest about what you want your next steps to be, especially with your current boss. 

Being honest with your boss about what you want for your career, giving him or her solid justification for seeking a career change and being direct about it, might initially seem difficult or awkward, but it may benefit you in the long run. 

Even if your boss doesn’t react to the news in the best manner, he or she may still give you their support in the form of a job recommendation or suggesting his or her own career advancement tips. 


  1. Take Advantage of Our Networking Opportunities

Between Kent State University’s faculty and all of the students within our EMBA program who currently have corporate jobs, there are plenty of opportunities for networking. Our faculty and students all come from different backgrounds, with varied experience in different industries and geographical locations. 

That being said, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of networking with them to talk about their careers and even get some valuable job advice. 


  1. Ask Our Faculty Members for Support

Not only can you network with our faculty for career advancement, but you can go to them for advice and support. 

They will answer any questions you may have about changing careers, point you in the right direction, and share some of their extensive knowledge relating to your career path.

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