6 Reasons Why You Should Earn Your Cleveland EMBA From Kent State

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Choosing to pursue an Executive MBA in the Cleveland, Ohio area may not always be the easiest decision. If you’re thinking about making this change in your life, you may be asking yourself questions such as:

  • How can I manage going to school and keeping my full-time job?
  • Will I be able to maintain a balanced schedule?
  • Which program is the best fit for me?

To answer these questions, and to help you make your final decision, here are six reasons why you should keep your full-time job while earning your EMBA in Cleveland, and why you should do so right here at Kent State.

1. Our Fast-Tracked 19-Month Program

We know our students have worked hard to maintain their professional careers. We also know that each student desires to take his or her career a step further by pursuing an EMBA degree in the Cleveland area.

With our fast-tracked, AACSB-accredited, highly ranked program, we’ve turned that goal into a realistic possibility.

Our Executive MBA program can be completed in as few as 19 months while allowing you to maintain your full-time job.

Since Kent State’s EMBA course sequence doesn’t include unrelated electives or special concentrations, the shorter time frame is more practical compared to EMBA courses at other schools.

Some of the topics you’ll focus on during your 19 months in our program include:

  • Managerial economics
  • Human resource management
  • Financial planning and strategy
  • Dynamics of leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Marketing management

2. Classes Meeting in Person Just Once a Month

Not only does our Cleveland EMBA program offer a short 19-month course sequence, but we also offer our students a schedule that fully revolves around them.

Life can be busy with careers and schoolwork, so our program meets in person just once a month, as the curriculum is further supplemented with valuable online courses.

3. Meaningful Networking Opportunities

Once your customized program schedule has been determined, our staff will place you into our EMBA cohort experience. This program allows students to take their classes with the same small group of students from start to finish.

Some of the benefits of utilizing a cohort format include:

  • Students receive the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with each other and take advantage of valuable networking opportunities during their time in the program
  • Because of the diverse group of people coming from assorted fields who are pursuing their Cleveland EMBA, students in our cohorts get to interact with others from a variety of career backgrounds
  • Due to our team atmosphere, students get the chance to form genuine friendships with their classmates, which enhance the learning experience

As you can see, being a part of our Cleveland Executive MBA program won’t just give you skills for the business world - it will open doors!

4. Receive a Higher Education at a Lower Price

One of the best parts of earning our Cleveland, Ohio Executive MBA is knowing that you don’t have to break the bank to do so. Pursuing your EMBA degree at Kent State will give you the most value for your dollar, as our program fees cover an entire spectrum of expenses given by a university.

This fee encompasses everything from your class tuition to the costs for the international business trip to textbooks and more.

5. Gain Invaluable Experience on Our International Business Trip

One of the highlights of our Cleveland EMBA program is the opportunity we give our students to gain valuable experience in their field through our international business trip.

On this annual trip, our students travel abroad to an international location for a 12-day period where they learn the ins and outs of the business and culture of a foreign country. Past locations our program has traveled to include:

  • Ireland
  • Austria
  • Chile
  • China
  • Switzerland
  • Czech Republic
  • Belgium
  • Mexico
  • Greece

For the duration of the trip, students will meet with the country’s business leaders, receive tours of selected companies, visit a local university and much more – all while earning class credit.

6. Our Track Record for Success

We could give you even more reasons why we think prospective students should choose Kent State as the place to earn their Executive MBA, but we believe it may be more effective for our students to tell you themselves.

Our testimonials page is filled with videos and comments from alumni who have taken their career to a higher level with our EMBA program and have gone on to so many exciting things.

Although our students come to our program with diverse backgrounds and varying job experiences, something all of our students have in common is the desire to give their career an extra push in the right direction.


Earning your EMBA in Cleveland will give your career a new edge, but earning it here at Kent State will give you the invaluable skills you need to make yourself stand out in a competitive marketplace.

To learn more about our program, or if you have any questions you’d like answered, be sure to register for one of our upcoming information sessions today.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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