60 Resources for Getting Your EMBA and the Career You Want

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Earning your Executive MBA is the first step to getting the career you want, and as a potential executive, it’s important for you to stay up-to-date on everything happening in the business world.

At Kent State University, we want to see our students succeed, which is why we created this list of resources that cover a wide variety of topics. These resources will not only help you through the EMBA program, but they will also help you achieve your future career goals.

Social Media

Social Media Today

Twitter: @socialmedia2day

This site serves as a great combination of tips, tricks and advice from industry professionals on the topics of social media, public relations and advertising.

Search Engine Land

Twitter: @sengineland

This blog focuses on the latest trends and techniques for search engine marketing.

Moz Blog

Twitter: @moz

Improve your inbound marketing techniques with featured content from professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

Search Engine Journal

Twitter: @sejournal

This site is designed to help companies improve their interactive marketing and stay on top of the latest SEO and social media tools.

Buffer Social

Twitter: @buffer

Named one of the best social media blogs by Social Media Examiner, this blog provides comprehensive content useful to marketers at any level (and Buffer’s social media scheduling tool is top-notch, too).

Simply Measured

Twitter: @simplymeasured

This blog contains hands-on reporting and actual case studies for you to reference.

Razor Social

Twitter: @razorsocial

The brainchild of Ian Cleary, Razor Social provides detailed business articles as well as how-to instructions on Cleary's software tools.


Twitter: @SocialBro

Focusing on how to use Twitter for business, this blog highlights seldom-discussed topics with great advice on how you can improve your online tactics.

Socially Sorted

Twitter: @SociallySorted

Combining strong visuals with thought-provoking content, this blog is a must-read for any business professional.

The Google Blog

Twitter: @google

Stay up-to-date on the latest Google news, including algorithm changes and more.


Small Business Trends

Twitter: @smallbiztrends

Founded in 2003, this blog has grown to reach more than six million readers and covers a wide range of topics essential to any entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Twitter: @EntMagazine

Get comprehensive content about industry news and the latest startup and entrepreneurial success stories.

Entrepreneur on Fire

Twitter: @johnleedumas

Sit back and listen to interviews with some of today's most successful entrepreneurs, including Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Brian Tracy and more.

Under 30 CEO

Twitter: @Under30CEO

Do you love traveling and business? Blog founder Matt Wilson combined his love for both into one blog for the traveling entrepreneur.

Business Pundit

Twitter: @businesspundit

Stay up-to-date on everything from operations management to the latest ways to manage the millennial workforce.

Peter Shallard

Twitter: @PeterShallard

Rather than providing tips and tricks, blogger Peter Shallard digs deeper into the mind-set of entrepreneurs to help you become mentally stronger and more successful.



Twitter: @copyblogger

This site has long been a go-to resource for consultants, publishers, freelancers and small business owners. Add it to your resource list and receive top-notch copywriting ideas and tips.

Copy Hackers

Twitter: @copyhackers

Receive advice on how to persuade and convert from one of the best in the business.

Content Marketing Institute

Twitter: @cmicontent

With a great mix of research, topics and even training, this blog has everything a marketer at any level will need.

Marketing Profs

Twitter: @marketingprofs

Find inspiration and enhance your writing skills with this blog, which delves into tricky topics such as attribution and makes them more accessible.

Duct Tape Marketing

Twitter: @ducttape

Learn how to make the most of your marketing efforts, no matter how small your team is.

Small Business Branding

Each author of this blog has his or her own specialty, whether it be branding or affiliate marketing. It may take a little longer to digest the content, but the complete picture it paints makes it well worth it.


Real Time Economics

Twitter: @WSJecon

This financial blog covers a wide range of topics - from gas prices to the Federal Reserve - but still stays focused on its financial roots.

Calculated Risk

Twitter: @calculatedrisk

Bill McBride provides readers with concise and accessible summaries of key economic data.

Marginal Revolution

Twitter: @MargRev

Looking for open discussions about economic and financial issues? Look no further than Marginal Revolution, where you will find detailed and supported arguments about some of the biggest issues today.

The Upshot

Twitter: @UpshotNYT

This New York Times blog covers a variety of topics, focusing on the effects of the U.S. economy.


Twitter: @Wonkblog

With Ezra Klein leading the charge, WonkBlog offers an ideal mix of the most up-to-date news regarding business, finance and economics

Economist View

Twitter: @MarkThoma

Author Mark Thoma is a macroeconomist at the University of Oregon and uses his blog to collect interesting posts from around the blogosphere.

Human Resources

HR Zone

Twitter: @HRZone

This site is an accumulation of the major HR categories: strategy, people, leadership, recruitment, technology and more.


Twitter: @successfactors

Learn from top executives about topics such as talent management, technology impact and major industry news.

The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

Twitter: @alexkjerulf

Founded by one of the world's leading experts on happiness at work, Alexander Kjerulf shares his years of experience and tips for creating a happy work environment.

HR Morning

Twitter: @HRMorning

Join more than 239,000 HR professionals and get a weekly dose of the top headlines impacting human resources.


Twitter: @TLNT_com

Covering topics such as compensation and benefits, HR technology and more, this site focuses on the business side of HR.


Brian Solis

Twitter: @briansolis

Perhaps one of the most well-known tech bloggers, Brian Solis offers big ideas with big data, analyzing the intersection of business, digital media and emerging technologies.

Forrester Blog for CIOs

Twitter: @forrester

As one of the top IT analyst firms, Forrester provides useful tools to inform decision-making, such as in-depth research and white papers.

Neville Hobson

Twitter: @jangles

Analyzing the intersection of business communication and technology, blogger Neville Hobson offers insights on the shifts taking place in B2B and B2C communications.

Krebs on Security

Twitter: @briankrebs

Brian Krebs launched to fame in IT security circles when he broke the news about Target's data breach. By addressing the ever-growing threat landscape that all organizations face, this site is truly a must-read.

Joe Blogs

Twitter: @JoeFindsTalent

HR professional Joe Burridge focuses his blog on the connection between data and humans.


Chic CEO

Twitter: @ChicCEO

This blog addresses a variety of entrepreneurial topics, including how to stay organized and how to maintain a positive work-life balance.

Leadership – Harvard Business Review

Twitter: @HarvardBiz

A great resource for anyone in a leadership position, this blog provides new and classic tips, tricks and insight from leadership experts on a variety of topics.

CEO Think

Twitter: @RobertSher

Focusing on mid-sized companies, Robert Sher provides tips on improving leadership infrastructure.

Michael Hyatt

Twitter: @MichaelHyatt

A New York Times bestseller, Michael Hyatt helps leaders leverage their influence while addressing leadership topics such as personal development and productivity.

Leadership Freak

Twitter: @Leadershipfreak

Dan Rockwell's short and to-the-point posts address a variety of issues and include his personal experiences and tips.

Lead From Within

Twitter: @LollyDaskal

Specializing in team building and employee engagement, this blog is powered by Lolly Daskal's passion for leadership and personal integrity.

Leadership Now

Twitter: @LeadershipNow

With thought-provoking content and exercises, Leadership Now will help you work through personal or situational issues.

Let’s Grow Leaders

Twitter: @LetsGrowLeaders

Receive practical, street-smart knowledge from an experienced executive in a Fortune 15 company.

Culture University

Twitter: @TimKuppler

Learn how to use culture to drive workplace change and performance improvement.

Julie Winkle Giulioni

Twitter: @Julie_WG

As an experienced corporate executive and trainer, Julie Winkle Giulioni provides valuable managerial insight on a number of leadership topics.

EMBA Resources

Executive MBA Council

Twitter: @EMBACouncil

This is one of the best resources for anyone considering an EMBA. With information about preparing for an EMBA, financing and even program highlights, it has almost everything you need in one central location.

The Official Website of the GMAT

Twitter: @OfficialGMAT

This site has everything you need for the GMAT, including study materials, test dates and preparation tips.


Twitter: @TopMBA

Top MBA provides useful research and tips for a variety of topics for both MBA and EMBA students.

Kaplan Test Prep

Twitter: @KaplanGMATPrep

Prepare for the GMAT with “questions of the day” and practice tests. Also, check out Kaplan's GMAT blog for test-taking and preparation tips.

Fortuna Admissions

Twitter: @fortunaadmit

Follow this blog for admission tips, advice and more from admissions staff and industry experts.

International Business

Global Small Business Blog

Twitter: @LaurelDelaney

This site is designed to help even the smallest business go global. Blog creator Laurel Delaney shares e-commerce and digital marketing tactics to help you improve your global outreach.


Twitter: @Koozai

With engaging videos and infographics, this U.K. company covers a number of angles, keeping you informed and knowledgeable about digital media.

Career Resources

Avid Careerist

Twitter: @AvidCareerist

Author Donna Svei covers a variety of topics, including resume writing, LinkedIn and using social media to find a job.

Career Sherpa

Twitter: @careersherpa

Guiding job seekers through the job search process, Hannah Morgan provides advice on careers, social networking and even personal branding.

Come Recommended

Twitter: @ComeRecommended

Backed by a ton of statistics and facts, these articles are easy to read and give a fresh take on today's job search process.


Twitter: @Social_Hire

One of the most well-known sites for recruiters and candidates alike, this blog focuses on the use of social media in the hiring and job search process.

The Muse

Twitter: @dailymuse

With expert advice, exciting job opportunities and inside looks into major companies and career paths, The Daily Muse is your go-to destination, whether you want to change careers or are just starting out.

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