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In the business world, the overall company success is determined by the drive and accomplishments of its individuals. The same rings true for the success of a university.

That is why Kent State University’s Executive MBA program has provided motivated students from a wide variety of backgrounds with the tools they need to develop both personally and professionally.

“We work with our Alumni Advisory Board to support more than 1,200 alumni with leadership and career development activities, as well as continued networking opportunities,” said Laurie Walker, director of executive programs at Kent State. “Our alumni recognize the important role that the Kent State EMBA program plays in preparing them for career advancement not only during the course of the program, but also on a lifelong basis.”

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Our EMBA alumni can be found throughout 35 states and in countries around the world, but there is one connection that will always connect them: they received their education from Kent State.

We specifically structure our program to allow for the maximum amount of diversity in each EMBA class. As a student, this allows you to learn from your peers as well as your professors. It also allows you to build a better professional network, which will help you in your future business endeavors.




Meet an Alum

Jeff Fazek had been working in IT delivery for almost 20 years when he decided to pursue his Executive MBA in order to gain the skills needed to move up the corporate ladder.

He said that one feature that drew him to Kent State’s program was the course schedule.

“I needed a program that was on the weekend only because I traveled during the week and would miss too many Thursday and\or Friday classes,” Fazek said. “Being able to go on Saturday, and even having the flexibility of the distance learning week, enabled me to maintain my work-life balance throughout the program.”

Fazek said the program helped him in a number of ways and said he has developed lifelong friendships as a result.

“The biggest benefit that I gained from the program was an added level of confidence. It enabled me to pursue a different career path that I had never truly considered before,” Fazek said. “I am now leveraging the presentation skills that I honed throughout the program and have moved into technology sales and am able to be home with my family much more than I was before.”

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