13 Business Conferences and Events You Need to Attend in the Second Half of 2017

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In the world of business, people often hear the maxim “It’s all about who you know.” And between social media and the increase of technology in our everyday lives, relationships and networking are more important now than ever before.

To help our students and applicants navigate all the networking possibilities available, we’ve created this list of conferences and events for entrepreneurs, business leaders and marketers. Explore the possibilities below for upcoming events around the country.

For Entrepreneurs

When – July 11-17

Where – Portland, Oregon

Why you should attend – The only thing that this conference is missing is you. For the dreamers and unconventional thinkers, this conference cultivates the power of storytelling and acquiring leadership skills.

  • This summit caters to those in search of adventure and the pursuit of big dreams. Main stage events feature speakers such as best-selling authors, activists and storytellers who represent this interactive community.

When – July 21-24

Where – Las Vegas, Nevada

Why you should attend – In partnership with The Human Project, this event combines powerful insights on how to find success in both your business and personal life.

  • If you’re looking for a crowd filled with electric, productive and highly successful individuals, then Amplify Live is for you.

When – September 10-13

Where – Washington, D.C.

Why you should attend – Sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, this annual conference celebrates the growth and success of small businesses. For those aspiring to take their business to the next level, this conference is an ideal investment.

  • Past keynote speakers include Barbara Corcoran, business expert and co-host of “Shark Tank.”

When – September 18-20

Where – San Francisco

Why you should attend – As per this conference’s motto, startups start here. The leading authority in debuting cutting-edge startups, TechCrunch helps introduce innovative technologies to the world. For those who are tech-savvy with an entrepreneurial spirit, this is the perfect event for you.

Events include:

  • Startup Battlefield
  • Startup Alley
  • Thought Leadership
  • Hackathon

Students can receive a discounted rate via the student tickets page.

When – September 27-28

Where – Museum of Contemporary Art Theatre, Chicago

Why you should attend – Are you interested in the design of just about everything? So is Cusp. This conference inspires broad thinking and is dedicated to getting people out of their comfort zones and finding relevance in unexpected places.

  • Past speakers include:
    • Attorney, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    • TED founder, Richard Saul Wurman
    • Cartoonist, Lynda Barry

When – October 26-29

Where – Los Angeles, California

Why you should attend – If you have a knack for the growing digital world, the events at this conference will play to your strengths and give you a lot of ideas for the future.

  • Learn how to:
  • Beat your competition
  • Generate leads
  • Elevate your brand
  • Diversify revenue

When – November 17-18

Where – Lincoln Center, New York

Why you should attend – Organized by the World of Business Ideas, this conference is ideal for those who know adaptation is essential within business. Here you will learn the importance of reinventing yourself and taking advantage of new opportunities.

  • Learning about progressive business cultures, networking with professionals and listening to inspiring individuals tell their stories will have you coming back for more!

For Marketers

When – July 17-19

Where – Seattle, Washington

Why you should attend – What started out as an SEO consulting company grew to become one of the biggest platforms for web marketing. Tha company, Moz, now holds MozCon, featuring three days of digital thinking with industry leaders who can provide expert insights.

  • “Attending my first MozCon literally changed everything about the way I did marketing. Since then, it’s been the industry event I look forward to most every single year.”
      – UpBuild founder, Mike Arnesen

When – September 5-8

Where – Cleveland, Ohio

Why you should attend – At this conference you will gain valuable skills and insights needed to implement effective content marketing for your business. Over 120 sessions and workshops will be presented by leading brand marketers, including:

  • IBM
  • LinkedIn
  • REI
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • GE

You do not want to miss this event, which is one of the biggest marketing conferences of the year!

When – September 25-28

Where – Boston, Massachusetts

Why you should attend – Their purpose? To connect marketing professionals from all industries and all corners of the globe. Here, through inspiring keynotes, innovative speeches and hands-on lessons, you will gain worthwhile insights about the industry’s future.

Past keynote speakers include:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Serena Williams
  • Alec Baldwin

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When – October 3-6

Where – Boston, Massachusetts

Why you should attend – Now in its 11th year, this forum celebrates B2B marketing and shares the secrets to success with attendees. The in-depth conference combines motivational keynotes with hands-on workshops. Available workshops include:

  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Content Rules
  • Buyer-centric Demand Generation 101
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment

When – October 9-10

Where – Dallas, Texas

Why you should attend – Right in the heart of Dallas is an experience that will shift your digital marketing mindset. State of Search is a hub for innovators of social media marketing and search engine optimization.

  • This conference focuses on networking, the growth of new digital trends and the representation of women and minorities within the industry.

Be sure to check out their blog

When – November 6-9

Where – Las Vegas, Nevada

Why you should attend – If you have an itch to visit Las Vegas while learning from experts in online marketing, then Pubcon is the perfect conference for you.

  • Speakers and presenters are focused on all things SEO, social media and ROI. Through peer-to-peer discussions, attendees have the opportunity to expand their networks and get the answers they need.

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