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Corporate EMBA News

13 Business Conferences and Events to Attend in 2017

To help our students and applicants navigate all the networking possibilities available, we’ve created this list of conferences and events for entrepreneurs, business leaders and marketers. Explore the possibilities below for upcoming events around the country...

Get Your Executive MBA Near Akron

As a Tier One program with more than 1,100 program graduates throughout the world, Kent State’s EMBA program is perfect for expanding your professional horizons...

Earn The Best Executive MBA in Cleveland

Looking for the best Executive MBA program in Cleveland? At Kent State University, we have developed a unique program for over 35 years to become one of the very best in the Cleveland area and beyond...

Get The Best Executive MBA Near Canton

If you’re looking for an executive MBA program near Canton that can boost your skillset and help you to advance your career, Kent State University’s EMBA program is the right choice for your future...

6 Reasons Why You Should Earn Your Cleveland EMBA From Kent State

Choosing to pursue an Executive MBA in the Cleveland, Ohio area may not always be the easiest decision. If you’re thinking about making this change in your life, you may be asking yourself questions such as...

The Importance of a Global Business Education

As technology continues to expand and inventions and innovations further connect the world, globalization is surely set to increase as well.

12 Essential Cleveland Networking Events

It’s no secret that getting ahead in your career means putting in the work and setting clear goals for yourself. But the old adage of “It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know” certainly still rings true.

How to Achieve a Work-Life Balance While Getting Your EMBA

As a corporate professional, you’re familiar with balancing your work schedule and managing your time throughout the day. However, doing so while also earning your EMBA degree adds more responsibility to your plate.

5 Tips for Changing Careers With an EMBA Degree

Earning your EMBA degree at Kent State can be just the right amount of push you need to achieve career advancement in your field. Our advanced curriculum and coursework can open you up to the possibilities of a rewarding career change.

Free EMBA Insider's Guide

Our guide will help you determine if an Executive MBA program is right for you. You will also learn why Kent State offers the ideal program for students across all industries and disciplines.

60 Resources for Getting Your EMBA and the Career You Want

Earning your Executive MBA is the first step to getting the career you want, and as a potential executive, it’s important for you to stay up-to-date on everything happening in the business world.

Increase Employee Satisfaction at Your Company With Executive MBAs

The most important component of a business is its people; and if you work in human resources, then you understand how employee satisfaction and engagement can affect the company as a whole.

Get to Know the Kent State EMBA Program Alumni

In the business world, the overall success of a company is determined by the drive and accomplishments of its individuals. The same rings true for the success of a university.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting an EMBA

Earning your Executive MBA is a great way to develop yourself both personally and professionally, but the decision to go back to school is a big one.

8 Reasons Why You Should Get an EMBA in 2017

If you’re still on the fence about getting yours, though, here are eight reasons why you should pursue your Executive MBA this year.

3 Things You Need to Know About the Kent EMBA Program

Kent State University’s Executive MBA is designed for working professionals who would like to advance themselves both personally and professionally. While there are many Executive MBA programs, here are three things that set Kent State’s program above the rest.

Top 5 Industries Represented in the Kent EMBA Program

The Kent State Executive MBA program attracts professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries, allowing for greater diversity in each cohort.

3 Business Trends You Need to Know About in 2017

With a mixture of industry trends and real-life experiences, the coursework in our Executive MBA program will leave you with a greater knowledge of each aspect of the business world.

EMBA Students Learn Valuable Lessons on International Trip to India

Each Executive MBA class has the opportunity to travel on a 12-day international excursion where they learn about international businesses practices.

5 Leadership Characteristics You Will Gain From Pursuing Your EMBA

Are you looking to advance yourself both personally and professionally? An Executive MBA can help you develop into a better manager by providing you with the knowledge and skills that others look for in a great leader.

Meet Our Program Director, Laurie Walker

As Kent State University’s Director of EMBA Programs, Laurie Walker strives to facilitate a learning environment that prepares business professionals to advance within their careers.

EMBA Alumnus Receives Marketing Award

Andrew Brickley, an alumnus of Kent State University’s Executive MBA for Healthcare Professionals program, recently received a Distinguished Sales and Marketing Award (DSMA) for his work at Mercy Medical Center in Canton, Ohio.

EMBA Program Overview

Here are the need-to-know details of what makes the Kent State EMBA a top-ranked program, and one of the best values in the world, according to CBS News and

Kent State EMBA Alumni Spotlight: Virginia Albanese

Here we proudly offer you a glimpse into what the future can hold for graduates of our internationally renowned Executive MBA program. Read some key facts about Ms. Albanese and her testimonial to the value of our program...

Tips for Choosing the Right EMBA Program

Are you considering getting an MBA, but unsure which program is right for you? Below, we’ve selected three key questions to aid your search for the perfect fit, based on your professional goals while balancing time constraints.

EMBA Benefits

As a busy professional, you know how important time is, which is why Kent State’s Executive MBA program is designed to work with your schedule. Have you been planning to go back to school, but don’t know how to swing it with a job and other commitments?

Top 5 Reasons to Get a EMBA

When you decide to pursue an Executive MBA, you are making a true investment in yourself. But if you are still on the fence, consider these five reasons why you should get an EMBA degree...

Classroom Spotlight: The Integrated Decision-Making Elective

By providing you with an overview of each aspect of the business world, we allow you to learn about a variety of topics in a shorter amount of time. We also understand that you may want a little more information about a certain topic, which is why offer our Integrated Decision-Making course as an elective.