Corporate EMBA Program Structure

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If you are considering an Executive MBA degree, the structure of the program is especially important, as you are likely maintaining a full-time work schedule at the same time.

That being said, Kent State University truly prides itself on the structure of its corporate EMBA program, which looks like this:


Consisting mainly of required courses in the various business disciplines, the program is comprehensive, yet concise. Our course schedule proves that, while expedited, students experience a program full of depth and value. The program can be completed in as few as 19 months (32 credit hours) while one maintains full-time working hours.


Our students come from all walks of life, and from different backgrounds. They also come from different parts of Ohio and surrounding states, so it’s imperative to maintain a structure that is convenient for everybody. That is why our corporate EMBA is built around Saturday/Sunday onsite classes and online content to ensure that anyone can make it work.

Limited Class Sizes

The success of the Executive MBA program is contingent on an interactive and participative classroom. That is why we keep class sizes small, along with making sure students who begin the program together finish it together as well. And with carefully selected participants with a wide variety of management and professional backgrounds, you get a diverse educational experience. This isn’t just a program where you will simply earn your degree – you will foster relationships that will last you the rest of your life and career. With various projects that require group work and critical thinking that takes classroom concepts and puts them in real-world applications, participants will work closely with each other. A three-day Beginning Residency at the program’s outset also develops communication and teamwork among the program’s participants.

International Experience

Every student in the corporate EMBA program has the opportunity to attend an international trip that provides a valuable global perspective. Tuition: In the interest of fostering a “hassle-free” learning environment, tuition for the EMBA program is all-encompassing, covering registration, the scheduling of courses, the international business trip, parking and more. In many cases, company sponsorship is available for those pursuing higher education while still working full-time.

True Personalization

From seasoned executives to those with a limited business education, this is a program that caters to every type of professional. The key to this degree program is that its curriculum, faculty and overall structure allow for any individual to get the experience and knowledge he/she is seeking.