The Importance of a Global Business Education

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As technology continues to expand and inventions and innovations further connect the world, globalization is surely set to increase as well.

And with these changes come differences in how the average business professional needs to think about their company and their goals. What once worked decades ago might not be applicable today, as having only a local, state or national focus could mean losing out on vital opportunities.

This is why receiving a global education in business school is so important, and why our Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program is the right choice for your future.

The Global Education Difference

By going through a global executive MBA program like ours, students are able to acquire a number of valuable insights and skills, including:

  • Staying current on worldwide trends and innovations
  • Learning cultural modes and expectations
  • Building contacts within a global community


Keeping your eye on the global marketplace and learning how to navigate it is one of the greatest benefits you’ll receive while working through a global executive MBA.

Whether you’re noting improvements you can make to your business, changes coming industry-wide, or following the strength of specific national and regional markets, having a sense of global awareness is key to surviving in a competitive world.

Kent State’s global EMBA program will supply you with information about vital websites and trade journals to follow, as well as give you the tools to decode the marketplace for yourself and make educated decisions to improve your growth and bottom line.


Another worthwhile aspect of earning a global executive MBA is discovering what different cultures expect during formal and informal meetings, something which can make or break a potential deal. 

While you may feel you know how to present yourself well to an American audience, differences in body language, gestures, tone and word choice could significantly affect your approach if you are working with clients from European, Asian, South American or African countries. 

Being educated in regards to cultural differences cannot be overstated. 


By taking courses through our global business education school, students will be able to build and develop global contacts by way of interactions with: 

  • Faculty from all over the world
  • Visiting, globally-recognized speakers and presenters
  • Diverse students and colleagues

Furthermore, Kent State’s global MBA program prides itself on optimizing diversity within its student body and forming “cohorts” of students with diverse backgrounds and levels of experience. 

These cohorts then go on to work together for the duration of their program, meaning valuable insights can be shared and discovered among the students themselves.

Our International Trip

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of our global executive MBA program is our international trip

Over the course of approximately 12 days, students and faculty members will experience a wide range of diverse activities, from meeting with business leaders to visiting local universities to touring selected companies. 

With past trips having shown students valuable insights into Mexico, Greece, China, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Chile and the Czech Republic, it’s no surprise that Kent State College of Business Administration’s motto is “From Kent, the World.”

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