Top 5 Reasons to Get a Corporate EMBA Degree

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When you decide to pursue an Executive MBA, you are making a true investment in yourself.

But if you are still on the fence, consider these five reasons why you should get an EMBA degree:

1. Do it for your career

You’ve been in the workforce, so you obviously know how difficult it can be landing an interview, let alone a full-time job in the field you want. More people than ever are aiming for the same jobs, making the competition fierce.

And even though you have a job, and might feel perfectly safe in it, setting yourself apart by earning an EMBA degree is a great way to prove your worth, become a well-rounded professional and begin your move up the corporate ladder.

2. Learn from those around you

In a corporate EMBA program, you will meet students from a variety of other industries, all offering their own insights and experiences.

This type of environment – which is truly unique to an EMBA program – is conducive to fostering new ideas for your own company and career, making connections and improving your own business knowledge, which is sure to pay off down the road.

3. Expand your personal horizons

You have made the choice to work in a particular industry, and there is a pretty good chance that you want to learn as much as you can in the process, for both professional and personal gain.

In Kent State’s corporate EMBA program, you can make that happen. For example, you have the opportunity to go on an international trip that explores business at a global level.

4. Company sponsorship

If the prospect of paying for an Executive MBA program is potentially preventing you from pursuing the degree, consider that many companies sponsor employees who seek out this education.

Not to mention that it would make a great impression on your employer. If you are trying to move up from your current position, nothing would look better than your dedication to improving your professional self for the good of the company.

5. Challenge yourself:

In our corporate EMBA program, classes are small and interactive, with success built on the participation of everyone. Most likely, you will still work a full-time schedule while attending school on the weekends and online. You’ll be immersed in the business world, as you are prepared for managerial positions with significant responsibility.

Does any of that sound challenging? Good, because nothing prepares you for career advancement better than a strong challenge.

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