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Post a Job or Internship

How to Articles from Handshake

Request promotion of your Handshake posting

Email us your Handshake Job ID or Student Preview Link and Target Business Majors

Post a Virtual Event

How to Request an Event Article from Handshake

Once created, e-mail your target business majors and/or class years and we can invite students to attend your event!

Promote your Immediate Hiring Needs via Video

We know your on-campus presence is important to your brand and talent pipeline.

Imagine if you were at an info table talking to a student – give them your “pitch” via video and stay visible and top of mind for business students!

Record a short video (recommended 1-2 minutes) with your immediate internship and full-time hiring needs, information about your organization, what you are looking for in candidates and how to apply.

  • Videos will be promoted as received via our LinkedIn Group for business students and alumni, and sent to targeted faculty to help promote your opening.
  • All videos will be archived on our YouTube Channel and linked to within our weekly student e-news.
  • Videos cannot be more than 5GB with a maximum of 10 minutes, though a shorter video of 1-2 minutes is recommended.
  • We recommend using Zoom (you can create a free account if you do not already have one). Once you stop recording and end the meeting, your recording will auto-download as an MP4.
  • Wear company gear and record in a well lit room with little background noise.

Elements to consider including in your video:

  • Introduce yourself (and give us the date of recording!)
  • Brief overview of your company
  • Immediate internship or full-time needs
  • What you are looking for in candidates
  • How to apply (please mention Handshake in addition to your careers web site!)
  • Words of encouragement or advice for students

Submit via email here

Create your virtual interview schedule

Utilize the Interview room request to promote your job, prescreen applicants and provide access to your interview schedule. We can update the room location to Virtual. Recruiters are responsible for contacting students once scheduled with log in information for their virtual interview.

Resources for Employers

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