Executive MBA Scholarship Program for Graduate Students

Objective of the Executive MBA Scholarships

Over the last few years we have had a large number of graduate students who were admitted to our Executive MBA program with excellent credentials but were unable to enroll due to financial constraints. We very much want these students in our class, and as a result we have decided to offer a limited number of scholarships to students with excellent credentials. The criteria listed below will be used by the Scholarship Committee in their determinations.

Process of Evaluation for Scholarships

Using the criteria listed below, applicants for the scholarships will be evaluated by the scholarship committee. The scholarship committee will be comprised of Executive MBA alumni, business executives, and members of the academic community. The process may also include an interview for the finalists with some members of the committee.

Graduate students are encouraged to provide additional information which may have not been included in the application for admission to the EMBA program. Scholarship applicants will not be evaluated until AFTER their admission to the EMBA program.

Criteria for Scholarships

  1. ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS: Evidence of prior academic achievements such as undergraduate GPA, score on GMAT, and academic honors will be evaluated by the committee;
  2. APPLICANT'S PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Evidence of professional achievements will be rated using the resume and other materials provided by the scholarship applicants and in some cases, additional information obtained during the interview;
  3. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: From corporate executives, colleagues and others will be reviewed as evidence of professional and community accomplishments and service;
  4. PERSONAL LETTER FROM THE APPLICANT: The Executive MBA scholarship applicant should provide a one to two page letter detailing the reasons why she (or he) should receive a scholarship.

Amount of Scholarship

The dollar amount of the scholarship will vary; however, the maximum scholarship will be approximately 25% of the total EMBA program fee of $43,900.

Qualification for Scholarships

Employees of Kent State University and their eligible dependents or any other person who is eligible for a fee waiver at Kent State cannot receive this award.


The Executive MBA scholarship program is available to graduate students who need financial help to enroll, and scholarships will be awarded to each student based on criteria listed by the committee. *subject to board approval