• CEBIPitch finalist, John Hilbert.
  • Diversity Needs Healing logo; a business concept.

Diversity Needs Healing develops and markets bandages that match unique and diverse skin tones.



  • CEBIPitch finalist, Colton Jones.
  •  The Bean Bike logo; a business concept.

The Bean Bike serves Tree City Coffee & Pastry products to any preferred location on KSU campus or downtown Kent via a mobile coffee cart.



  • CEBIPitch finalist, Jono Kontur.
  •  Fresh Priority Foods logo; a business concept.

Fresh Priority Foods imports and sells an all-natural, gluten free pizza crust mix from a family owned restaurant in Florence, Italy.



  • CEBIPitch finalist, Zac Melchiorre.
  •  Drive Points logo; a business concept.

Drive Points offers a free application that rewards drivers for not using their phone while driving.



  • CEBIPitch finalist, Ariella Yager.
  •  Case.MD logo; a business concept.

Case.MD provides life-saving emergency medication through the convenience of a smartphone.



  • CEBIPitch finalist, Emily Yoder.
  •  Earth Energy Power Snacks logo; a business concept.

Earth Energy creates handmade, convenient, grab-and-go "power snacks" that are 100% all-natural, vegan and gluten free and are packaged with eco-friendly materials.