Getting Ready to Apply for Job or Internship

Searching for a new internship or job is exciting! Below you will find several resources designed to assist your preparation as you navigate through the hiring process. We highly recommend scheduling an appointment to meet with one of our Career Services team members to further assist your readiness to take on a new and exciting role!


Your resume is an essential document with any job application. You can present your skills in a way that "wows" your audience to help you land your dream job.
Formatting your résumé Accounting résumé Transferrable Skills

Cover Letters

Cover letters are the perfect and essential compliment to a resume. They allow you to elaborate on key areas of your resume that you think make you the best candidate. Not every aspect of your resume needs to be discussed on a cover letter, so be sure to tailor each cover letter to every job you apply to.
Formatting your cover letter 

Interview Preparation

The interview is the employer's opportunity to decide whether you are a fit for the position. Not all interviews are created equal, but you should expect to discuss why you are the right person to fill their vacancy. It is important that you prepare adequately beforehand to ensure you are ready for the interview.
Interview Preparation Great interview questions to ask

Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch helps answer the typical opening interview question; "Tell me about yourself". Creating a powerful elevator pitch can create a profound first impression.
Elevator pitch Career fair success tips 

Employer Communication

It is important to keep in touch with employers- sending a thank you email, following up after you apply for a job, declining a job. Regardless of the situation, following up with a simple email is a sign of courtesy and respect.
Employer communication

Evaluating Job Offers

Whether you are receiving your first job offer or fifth, it is always exciting to know that companies see your potential. Beyond salary, there are other aspects of a job offer to consider.
Evaluating job offers

Dress for Success

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