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“I have graduated and am about to move to New York and start my master’s degree and internship, starting a fresh page. Things would have not gone this smoothly and far without your assistance and guidance. I just wanted to thank you. I do appreciate the work you have done for me as well as for other international students in the College of Business.”

Jundong Chen

Jundong Chen

Finance Major
Graduated: Fall 2016


Jiashan Li is a transfer student from China who is majoring in Business Management and minoring in Human Resource Management. She has twice represented China during our annual International Day, where our college promotes education abroad opportunities as well as highlights the international student body.

Slated to graduate in May 2017, she is pursuing an internship with Scitrain, LTD, a “leadership development company specializing in custom made HR Solutions”.

Jiashan would like to say to students interested in Kent State:

“I am proud of being a Golden Flash at Kent. During my three years in the College of Business Administration, I've met many nice staff members and professors who helped me not only in academics but also in my future career path. COBA can provide you a large range of resources to help you achieve your goals here.”

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Jiashan Li

Business Management Major
Expected Graduation: May 2017


Do you need some help figuring out which courses to take next, or want to declare a major or minor? Schedule an appointment with your international advisor and they can help walk you through the process.

Complete the Pre-Advising Packet (PDF) each semester and bring it with you to every required advising appointment.

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Here you'll find several objectives that will help you stay on track and help you successfully obtain your degree to begin your career.


Before you begin your classes, make sure you understand and fulfill the technology requirements. As a freshman, you should begin researching majors or careers you are interested in and explore student organizations.



By the time you begin your sophomore year, you should narrow your choices down to one or two majors. Throughout the year, we recommend you join and participate in a student organization and complete your pre-business requirements.


Once you begin your junior year, it is advised you declare your major and possible minor. This is when you should secure your internship and confirm your course plan to keep you on track for graduation.


During your senior year, confirm your graduation plans (courses, GPA, application), and begin job interviewing or consider graduate school.

Apply for graduation through FlashLine by the published deadline. For questions regarding graduation eligibility, contact the International Programs Office:

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All advisors in the International Programs Office are working in the office and are also available for remote appointments.

Drop-in advising for international students is available on Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:00 - 3:45 p.m. (EST) through the end of the Spring 2022 semester.

In order to be added to the drop-in advising list on Tuesday and Wednesday, please call 330-672-2872 during those times and provide a U.S. phone number that the advisors can call to reach you. To ensure that you meet with an IPO, please request Theresa Wallace for Tuesday appointments and Amelia Vann for Wednesday appointments.