Economic Analysis

One distinct advantage of the Economic Analysis concentration is its focus on the development of strong analytical and quantitative skills. Students are well-trained in the application of economic theory and methods of statistical analysis.

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The Economic Analysis concentration requirements are as follows:

Course Title Credits
ECON 64004 Quantitative Methods 3
ECON 52050 Data Acquisition, Preparation and Visualization 3
ECON 62055 Econometrics II 3
Choose one from the following: 3
ECON 62072 Economics of Labor Markets* (3)  
ECON 62180 Regional Economics* (3)  
Choose from the following: 6
Economics Electives (3)  
ECON 62092 Internship in Economics (3)  
ECON 62199 Economics Thesis (6)  

*Students may be allowed to substitute an appropriate economics elective, subject to approval by the graduate coordinator in Economics.

Students who choose this concentration typically complete the program in three semesters (Fall-Spring-Fall).

A typical class schedule is as follows:

YEAR 1   Credits
Fall Semester    
  Microeconomic Theory 3
  Data Acquisition, Preparation and Visualization 3
  Quantitative Methods 3
  Econometrics I 3
Total   12
Spring Semester    
  Macroeconomic Theory 3
  Time Series Analysis 3
  Econometrics II 3
  Economics of Labor Markets -OR- Regional Economics 3
Total   12
YEAR 2    
Fall Semester    
  Economics elective* 3
  Economics elective* 3
Total   6
TOTAL   30

*Instead of economics electives, students may complete an Internship in Economics (3 credit hours) or a Thesis (6 credit hours).

Economics Electives:

  • ECON 52065 Problems of Monetary and Fiscal Policy

  • ECON 52068 Industrial Organization and Public Policy

  • ECON 52072 Economics of Labor Markets

  • ECON 52076 Economic Development

  • ECON 52081 Urban Economics

  • ECON 52086 Economics of Health Care

  • ECON 62061 Monetary Theory and Policy

  • ECON 62075 Theory of International Trade

  • ECON 62072 Economics of Labor Markets

  • ECON 62180 Regional Economics

  • ECON 62976 International Finance