Career Services Office Connects Employers and Students with Job and Internship Opportunities

The Kent State University College of Business Administration's Career Services Office (CSO) is bringing students and employers together for mutually beneficial networking opportunities.

"The Career Services Office offers multiple touchpoints to connect students and employers through recruiting and career events," said CSO Director Erin Nunn. "We have strong relationships with employers through our internship program and Employer Advisory Council that allow us to engage consistently with industry professionals and provide an increasing number of industry options for our business students."

Through a series of 16 events offered by CSO just this spring, more than 1,300 students had opportunities to line up internships and jobs with more than 200 participating employers. Events included a Sales Fair in recruiting for internships and full-time positions and an IT Expo to recruit students in information systems to jobs and internships. The College's Employer Advisory Council, which includes corporations such as Target, Pepsico and Fastenal, provides guidance and mentorship for students throughout the academic year.

In addition, a number of events helped students prepare for upcoming interviews and networking events. These events included networking workshops to prepare students for the University's Spring Internship, Job and Co-op Fair and an etiquette dinner, which allowed students to practice proper dining and business etiquette. During the 2017 spring semester, 36 students will receive scholarships for the purchase of business suits through the College's donor-funded Career Clothes Closet program.

Efforts by the College's CSO staff are paying off, as evidenced by recent rankings. In 2016, the College ranked among the top 50 undergraduate business schools in the United States based on an employer survey of how well schools prepared students for jobs at their companies.

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